【vlog】Anime Expo 2017 ❤

【vlog】Anime Expo 2017 ❤

A vlog of my adventures at anime expo ᶘ ͡°ᴥ͡°ᶅ EXPAND ME ヽ(´益`)ノ Follow me (•ิ_•ิ) ▻TWITTER – ▻INSTAGRAM …




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27 thoughts on “【vlog】Anime Expo 2017 ❤

ItsAnisBae ! says:

Ur preformance made me cry ❤ i love undertale

Mako CatGamer says:

Oreo:Im back bitches! XD

evan khoo says:

The dead pool Albert transition

CommanderSugarcube says:

0:27 Awww that was so sweet Lilly and the face shows he wants to play it.

KaiPlaguee says:

Was that Domics? at 2:00

Wayne Quach says:

barely noticed domics at 2:00

Y C says:

was this before or after albert start liking lily?

Steph Martinez says:

Your voice is soooo cute!!!

Atomic Vertix says:

Are u relegious

Hugo Moralez says:

3:19 Vr chat when the naked guys show up

Raven's Room says:

1:27 i can see yuno has repented for her sins xd

fanboy mark says:

Albert looks as if he could be casted in a Korean BL drama as an UKE. Yikes

Purple Cat Gamer says:


Jisuh Yoon says:

Lily all I want is you to replay and like this comment but honesty all the members of offlineTv and you make me all absolutely happy. Every time I’m sad one video makes me feel soo much better and I was able to come to anime expo this year!! I came day 1 with my friend for the first time I was sad that I didn’t met anyone :,( but On day 3 I met Albert, Igumdrop, Scarra and Fed. Than I found your panel and I was literally about to cry since I was waiting for this moment over a year and I woke up like 3:00 am for this :p but the line was too long so I had to go back home. Although I know for sure that I’m gonna meet you next year since I have Twitch now :,) Love your channel with all my heart ❤️And I only want a like and a comment from you~~ Liberty 🗽 forever

I am blind says:

who was the guy cosplaying rem at like 3:30 was a fucking legend

Shania Is Mah Name says:

Random guy :Wussup

Lily : Helloo!
…..w- whaat

Yoo when I heard her say hello I'm just like that don't sound like lily at all😂😂

FearTheFox378 Colin says:

Was prozd wearing his ass kicking outfit

bob johnson says:

are you coming to anime expo this year lilypichu!??!

Stephanie Reeve says:

Your voice is so KAWII

Adam Baines says:

Who saw that little girl in the miku cosplay?

Sunshine Pineapple says:

Oh god i have to go with my mom

Rafael Jose says:

0:56 look at the left bottom corner

Rafael Jose says:

2:00 is that domics?

definitely not dave says:

i instantly started crying when the your lie in april melodica music started

Delia R says:

Piano X Violin = Undertale XD

Ultraguy 2011 says:

No matter what undertale music is great

animeartlover says:


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