10 Anime You NEED To Watch

10 Anime You NEED To Watch

10 Anime You Have To See If You’re New To Anime ANIMES YOU MUST WATCH. Let’s be honest, animes are awesome! Whether you’re an anime veteran or …




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23 thoughts on “10 Anime You NEED To Watch

Hunter Butterworth says:

Shows That Should be on here
Fullmetal Alchemist
Attack on Titan
Fairy Tail
Tokyo Ghoul
Death Parade
Assasination Classroom
One Piece
Seven Deadly Sins
Hunter x Hunter
Akame ga Kill
and last but not least…
Sword art Online

Shawnlebron ??? says:

Death note =God

הנטאי הנטאי says:

Anime you have to see: "dragon ball super" lol

Jonathan Casazola says:

One word : NARUTO (Mic drops, everyone scrambles and edits their videos)

sluga CRO says:

Hunter x Hunter<3

testify95 says:

where is Bleach on this list!One of the all tym greats..sure u wud agreed on tat

Hamza Sajjad says:

One punch man is so amazing it is my fav I am waiting for season 2

Hrishab yadav g says:

Wtf were is naruto 😈😈


Your videos can get ANY one to watch anime, very entertaining

Rohit Chauhan says:

Whatever death note is master piece!

tseksCape says:

probably the worst list of 10 anime of all time..and seeing the comments…saying seven deadly sins,bleach,fairy tail,sao…just stop…you didnt even mention hxh or fma/fma brotherhood/one piece and for small number of episodes where is code geass or attack on titan

Potato Farts says:

what is the anime with a baby on a daycare and a highschool boy is taking care of them the babies are the twins the girl one the bully one and the one who dont talk

King_K _99 says:

Boku no pico


Elijah McQuivey says:

One piece is my personal favorite. It’s long, but has an amazing storyline

Rakesh sarkar says:

What about fairy tail

Sanket Panwar says:

Cowboy bebop ?

Raham Latif says:

Zankyou no terror is the third best anime imo

Raham Latif says:

Grimgar was sooo good i loved the animations

Tushar Domde says:

No Gintama🙄…..

The AlmightyIzu says:

My Hero Academia👌

fuhjrvr says:

Where’s my hero academia ?

Jo shane says:

I can't believe this guy put avatar on the list and left out all the good anime

Digvijay Saru Magar says:

One Piece

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