10 Marvel Characters That Could Defeat Thanos

10 Marvel Characters That Could Defeat Thanos

10 Marvel Characters That Could Defeat Thanos
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35 thoughts on “10 Marvel Characters That Could Defeat Thanos

Puppy 1 says:

It could be black panther who gave his scars

Miracle Liquid says:

Noobmaster69 can beat thanos

Lucius Irving says:

Squirrel Girl?! please, she's a broken character, I mean totally broken. She's the epitome of PIS plus no one knows how she defeated Thanos. Her fight with Thanos was very unrealistic and poorly written. Squirrel Girl's lack of feats and powers is something that a 3 year-old would come up with. No offense Marvel fans, but Squirrel Girls is hands down the stupidest superhero character ever devised and she barely even has a story to tell and one with struggles that nobody cares about or finds noteworthy. Marvel would shoot themselves right in the foot if they made a Squirrel Girl solo movie. A Squirrel Girl movie would 10 times stupider than Captain Marvel (which still sucks).

Shea Butter Shermain says:

LaVar “Neva Lost” Ball could defeat him!!

Cairo Mendoza says:

wish wolverine was on the avengers endgame

IceWallowCome 69 says:

You Forgot Stan Lees Eraser

Maria Rodriguez says:


Pronoob 101alexis says:

Just feed thanos Taco Bell hell be to busy taking a shit to do any harm🤣

Chris Ray says:

how is beyonder 4 and galactus 3

Takashi Mi says:

I can defeat him hahahah lol

Chris Ray says:

every time i hear squirrel girl i just scratch my head in confusion im like what

bb brandon says:

He called him ThaAnos

MaZe Ops says:

Why do you call thanos Tahanosh

lil-dex games says:

Ur missing batman…..Batman have defeat darkside in the comic….AKA darkside is better than thanos….do Batman could put that mad Titan down

Swag Fzce says:

Ugh this click-bait is so bad.

Dead Butter says:

you forgot one hero

Stan Lee

Oh Yeah yeah says:


Diamond Star says:

Ant man if he goes up thanoses ass and then makes himself big bam dead

Twitch SaltySieger says:


MysticLightning says:

Are you calling him thay-nose

Samurai says:

What about the one above all

Papery Larry says:

The scratch on thanos is because of captain marvel cat

David Cardona says:

You need to change could to did because all the characters you named would get clapped if thanos had the stones

angel _lovable says:

Here are peoples that can kill thanos: ant man,My dad,Pewdiepie,Manny paqiaw(wrong spelling), duterte (ph president you'll understand if ur from ph),me (I'll just fart at his face and say good bye mf) last but not least ur fart ye. * and things


Magneto could

Shihab Shizz says:

You said drax can defeat then why he does'nt done it in the infinity war

YvngAlmightyDre says:

why does it sound like he says theynos instead of thanos

Charli Herrera says:

Thor could defeat thanos

vinod bhat says:


Delle Xdli says:

Marvel didn't even real

shakir johnson says:

Squirell girl is the reason squirells tried to kill morty in rick and morty

RazorNight H says:

That means that Thor’s sister can kill thanos

Mason Valentine says:

you forgot black bolt

Nathan Cole says:

Iron man 😂

Jose relance Sanchez says:

If u can just suffer dead pool he would die

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