Thursday, December 14th, 2017, Star Wars: The Last Jedi hit theatres, causing great ripples — and nerdgasms — in the Force. From Ben Kenobi to Darth …




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41 thoughts on “10 MOST POWERFUL STAR WARS

BabbleTop says:

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AndrejMILO Herobrine says:

Best and powerfull is Jar Jar Biks

Blacksáber Predator says:

How about Starkiller (Galen Marek)

James Wood says:

Yer list is fuckin retarded as shit

James Wood says:

Piece of shit dumbass

James Wood says:

This guys Fuckin retarded

Blue Pillow says:

this guy didnt read any of the comics

Blue Pillow says:

kylo ren more powerful then palpatine complete bullshit

josh bluf777666 says:

this list is not right heres my vershion











Random Crist says:

I am disapointed. I were waiting to see Abeloth at number 1 spot

The Dark Saber says:

4.Mace Windu
5.Luke Skywalker

The Dark Saber says:

Mace windu has been said to be stronger than obi wan

Cad Bane says:

1 the Mortis Ones

2 the bendu

3 Yoda and Sidious

4 Mother Talzin

5 Mace Windu

6 Darth Vader

7 Darth Maul

8 Snoke

9 Obi-wan

10 Luke Skywalker

11 Ahsoka Tano

12 Count Dooku

13 Plo Koon Shakk Ti Kit Fisto

14 Cad bane

15 Kanan Jarraus

S May says:

How the heck is Kylo ren stronger than Vader……..

super duper says:

han solo in 1st

Hazzer says:

Top 10 strongest in canon:
1. The father
2. The son/daughter (equal)
3. Darth Sidious
4. Yoda
5. Anakin Skywalker/ Darth Vader
6. Mace Windu
7. Luke Skywalker
8. Count dooku
9. Obi Wan Kenobi
10. Darth Maul
Top 10 strongest in legends:
1. Abeloth
2. The father
3. The son/daughter
4. Luke Skywalker
5. Emperor vitiate
6. Darth Nihilus
7. Darth Sidious
8. Yoda
9. Revan
10. Darth Krayt

Mac Campbell says:

Obi Wan and Sidious are my favorite. I love obi wan because he flat out trolls people so much lol

TheEmeraldHurricane TEH says:

You forgot darth maul

Nicholas Lupu-Muslea says:

Everyone in the video and everyone mentioned in the comments have nothing on the most powerful character in the Star Wars EU

The Gonk droid

O Mundo Dos Geeks says:

Are you stupid??? Sorry, but you know nothing!

Gellert Grindelwald says:

Only icluded movie characters:
1. Luke Skywalker
2. Darth Sidious
3. Darth Vader
4. Yoda
5. Snoke
6. Count Dooku
7. Mace Windu
8. Darth Maul
9. Obi Wan Kenobi
10. Kylo Ren

JohnySmoove says:

This list is pretty poor no offense. Rey and Kylo are not very powerful tbh. Could barely beat the Pretorian guards.

Ryan Taylorson says:

see now a lot of these were wrong as maul was much more powerful than dooku and beat him and grevious capturing them both in Canon comics

komodo odomok says:

Rey n kylo is stronger than VADER, LUKE, YODA, PALPATINE N BEN KENOBI,,,,,,Are you kidding me,😩😩😩😩😩
REY, Kylo,,,,Those mother fucker Stronger than Jedi and other sith ,,,,, Seriously😥😥, last Jedi is the worst movie star wars, I dont want to Watch it again because it is GARBAGE😑😑😑😑

Tyler or Something says:

Goes to number 10: Darth Tyran-
Immediately clicks away from video

Ronin says:

An Imitation can't be better than the original. I dont think Kylo ren is stronger than Darth Vader, neither is Yoda, Basically i disagree with this entire list as even Darth Sidious said Vader will be stronger than either of them(Himself and Yoda). Also the strongest being in the Star wars universe i believe is Father based on Cartoon and comic information.

SW PL says:

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA Oh god this is so funny Dooku, Vader, Palpatine, Luke, Yoda, Mace, Obi-Wan, Snoke ARE BELOW Fucking Kylo and Rey Hehehe… Good that it's just a joke riiiiiiiiiiight ?

honkeykong 406 says:

1. yoda
2. sidious
3. luke
4. vader
5. windu
6. dooku
7. maul
8. obi wan
9. jar jar
10. my feces
11. disney

Daniel McLeod says:

Can any other 62- 72yr old do this:

Palpatine is the best, he is 62 years old spun across his office table and killed 3 of the most powerful jedi ever in 4 seconds, then went on to toy with Mace Windu and by doing that and manipulating the whole situation to his liking. Then overpowering Yoda with his force abilities. He killed 3 jedi with one slash of his blade. He could crash things the size of a death star and destroy it. He could create force storms. He could control lightning so much it could be used to torture or to kill. He is undoubtably the most powerful force user, lightsaber combatant and overall powerful character in all of Star Wars canon. I cannot go on or I will kill myself. You get the picture.

Daniel McLeod says:

9. Count Dooku
8. Luke Skywalker
7. Darth Maul
6. Obi Wan Kenobi
5. Anakin Skywalker
4. Mace Windu
3. Supreme Leader Snoke
2. Grand Master Yoda
1. Emperor Palpatine

Tan Kee Hong says:


CodyTheDoggo says:

Only 4 should be on,this list

Lord Revan says:

My list:
1. Tilotny
2. Horliss-Horliss
3. Splendid Ap
4. Cold Danda Sire
5. The Force itself
6. (FANON) Anakin Skywalker when he wouldn't leave Mortis 21 BBY and become the Father's successor.
7. The Father (PRIME)
8. ,,the Mother" Abeloth
9. The Son
10. The Daughter
11. Zonama Sekot (Living Planet)
12. Waru
13. Sarasu Taalon (With the power of the pool of knowledge.)
14. The Force Priests
15. The Shaman of the Whill's
16. Bendu
17. DE Grandmaster Luke Skywalker
18. ,,Dark Lord of the Sith" Darth Sidious a.k.a Sheev Palpatine
19. Hego Damask a.k.a Darth Plagueis ,,the Wise"
20. ,,the Sith-Emperor" Lord Vitiate alias Valkorion (formerly known as Tenebrae)

Nicolas Ly says:

Why is there no General grievous

Toderas Andrei says:

starkiller would beat them all

Gecko Zilla says:

I subscribed

Marco Großbach says:

In my opinion these are the most powerful characters in Star Wars (Canon):

15. Ahsoka Tano
14. Qui-Gon Jinn
13. Kylo Ren
12. Darth Maul
11. Rey
10. Obi Wan Kenobi
9. Count Dooku/Darth Tyranus
8. Darth Bane (yes he is canon but there is not known much about him as it is in the EU)
7. Darth Plagueis
6. Snoke
5. Mace Windu
4. Luke Skywalker
3. Darth Vader
2. Yoda
1. Darth Sidious

Edyee Andino Valle says:

Number 1 is Obi wan Kenobi hands down dude the guy is a great Jedi and probably the best and he became Ghost (great power and all) and last of all he is unbeatable with the High Ground.

Mister Money says:

This is the most bullshit listen I have ever seen in my life you forgot so many characters like the mother of the force which can control the force limitlessly and has beaten Luke in his prime while not even moving

KittVII says:

You only watched the movies. That is not good if you want to make a list about Star wars.

Alex Matthews says:

This list is crap kilo ren sucks at fighting rays gay

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