3 New Manga Worth Reading

3 New Manga Worth Reading

Tried a slightly different editing style, let me know what you think. Annoyingly though, my commentary has background noise sometimes so I apologise for that.





21 thoughts on “3 New Manga Worth Reading

Garbage Dump says:

Thank you so much ive been looking for new reading material and all of these are great and im gonna read them

coolkendall gaming says:

God of highschool

Derick Hyung says:

:< i allready read dese

Heisenberg The Fagottini says:

black Butler

Doctor Doom says:

I love jagaaaan too much

Jeff P says:

Good vid man, just started jagaaaaaan and I can't put it down great recommendation thanks

chocobros1 says:

Pretty sure Promised Neverland just ended. Good video though.

Derpaboop Derp says:

i know its fairly old, but Kingdom is one of my favorite manga, i know nobody asked, but i just wanted to say

Cayden Lewis says:

Itsk inda funny how theres a new chapter of To You Immortal a day after you make this video

C-M Teearu says:

You get my like for featuring To you, The Immortal. It's very unique and has a catchy style and the story is unreal 😀

NishiuraPlayers says:

Good video!

I'm really happy to see that To You, The Immortal was mentioned on this list! Hopefully this causes even more people to check it out and give it a shot! I absolutely fell in love with it and honestly, it has made me cry multiple times already.

I'm reading 2 out of 3 works on this list! I haven't started reading The Promised Neverland yet because I was a little eh about it when I first heard about it but this list has motivated me to check it out!

Keep up the good work with your videos! I look forward to them.

Dante Crottogini says:

i'll wait until there are more chapters of all these series, i prefer reading larger chunks at one time

ponquinful says:

1. Parasite 2. HxH 3. too early to tell, but likely a typical shonen

Derpaboop Derp says:

Promised Neverland is some Miyazaki kinda shit it would seem

Bob Jones says:

Hey, could you recommend complete manga.
Thanks for telling me about "To You, the Immortal"

Derpaboop Derp says:

Jagann looks like some Junji Ito shit

A Name says:

Hey can I ask where you read Promised Neverland? I don't wanna go to a site with bad translations or something. Thanks.

The Will of G says:

Just started reading Jagaaaan. Saying that it is similair to Parasyte or Persona seems like a disgrace to both those series. It is way too bleak/edgey for me. The art is nice though.

konkey dong says:

Yo Jagaaaan looks fuckinnnn sweeeet broooo

Dragonyte says:

Neverland is the best manga I've read in ages. Not a single disappointing chapter for me so far.

Flowish Loz says:

great video

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