48 hours in and it seems like (f)aces are frowned upon up in here

48 hours in and it seems like (f)aces are frowned upon up in here

48 hours in and it seems like (f)aces are frowned upon up in here

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39 thoughts on “48 hours in and it seems like (f)aces are frowned upon up in here

GenericPulpHero says:

Generally because it’s a collective sign that you’re a) going to soon delete your account or b) going to start charging people.

PDXSkippy2 says:

I love seeing your face and you have a great face. I’ve read the other comments and agree with what they’re saying about exposing your face. I hope you’re not going to be one them that starts charging or closes down soon.

sthrnbellethrowaway says:

Yeah for good reason, it’s not safe and there are a lot of idiots on here. Not to mention all of the third party sites that rehost images from gw and keep them up even after you delete posts.

rejected365 says:

I prefer faces and you are gorgeous

SlitScan says:

well there’s always r/bukkake

Sexcrazedlunatic says:

No frowns from me! You’re gorgeous! πŸ˜πŸ˜‰

6footfive says:

Faces make it that much better! 😍😍

RogerMacks says:

You have a beautiful face and a killer body! There is nothing to frown upon here!

RomanticPervert says:

For me the faces complete the package. And you have a beautiful package

KingJames965 says:

I’m not entirely convinced you’re not Gillian Jacobs? You could definitely be the *body* double in any case.

Fknlar says:

You have a gorgeous face to match your beautiful body. It’s a shame creeps & weirdo’s ruin it for the rest of us. But plz keep up the good work πŸ˜‰

iwillnotdieamonster says:

I welcome the faces honestly .

kmassino says:

r/FaceAndTits 😍

fowlertime says:

I think people set bullshit guidelines and are totally hypocritical about the decisions they make.

drop-punt says:

If your going to show your face,you should probably start watermarking your photos because if they havent been taken and used without your permission allready they soon will be

thhhhroaway says:

Not with a face as gorgeous as yours. And this is a really “draw me like one of your French girls” kinda pose here. i’m down for it.

I_Know_Who_Iam says:

Fucking stunning

milfsluvtheD says:

Always a pleasure seeing you !

DevoutAbsurdist says:

Quite the opposite. Faces are revered. Thank you for your bravery.

Dweebster2019 says:

I would disagree 😍😍

Spankh0us3 says:

No problems on my end. . .

sonaughty1 says:

They’re wrong keep it up!

heyfatboy1 says:

I like faces

blacksportscardriver says:

I like faces a lot, makes the picture so much hotter IMO

enomad10 says:

Not at all

Red-is-dead says:

I love it

iheartbewbs says:

I’m not complaining, you’re very easy on the eyes!

RiotResponse says:

Good damn girl 😍

Doublelux says:

You’ll have to follow your heart, but O for one love to see all of you. Hope we get to see much more.

Punloverrrr says:

Maybe it popped the illusion that it was a specific person in their lives that they thought you were? Idk. I think you’re very hot, and that cleft chin 😳πŸ”₯

Pyroman4 says:

Are you kidding?? I feel like these are your most successful pictures

Brilliantnerd says:

This is so wonderfully beautiful thank you

thrillhouse212 says:

You be you and keep posting.

eclectictaste1 says:

Your simp is sticking its tongue out

papi4chicas says:


repsol93 says:

Your face is pretty amazing.

LordManiac69 says:

Hey, I want something to kiss while I do the naughty business.

Ultm8mind says:

Pretty and sexy

Imisstouching says:

i dont see why. its where people are.

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