About Wet:Venom

Wet:Venom... a personal website for a clan of Manga, Pin-up and Hentai artists...


I named the site Wet:Venom after my very first tattoo, I thought about naming the studio after myself, but I couldn’t quite get my head round far enough to shove it up my ass to do so. I’m a manga artist and ex-tutor, I’ve been teaching guys online for years via Discord and Skype, videos etc, but realised I never actually built my gallery up and just had folders of scribbles and half-pieces. Now, with a few of my best students, I’m going into a full blown commission studio for a year, and if it takes off, I’ll run it for another year.

“It’s because I fail … I have the strength to keep fighting … and that type of strength is real strength …” Hinata Hyūga

The goal isn’t really to make money, although it obviously is an element to keep it going. Nobody has have ever succeeded at anything doing things for free, even charities need money to do things for free. What I do is Pinups, Manga pages and Hentai. It will be be myself doing your commissions, obviously, so please be honest with me, I can’t make you happy with half truths… Trust me… I’ve heard it all.