All STAR WARS Movie Trailer

All STAR WARS Movie Trailer

Here you can find all trailers for all “Star Wars”-Movies 0:03 Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace 2:04 Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones 4:26 …


KinoStar Trailer


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50 thoughts on “All STAR WARS Movie Trailer

KinoStar Trailer says:

So you miss no new trailer, please activate the Bell! 🔔😊

flooded Broom says:

13:03 wait a minute…..why it Blu?

Markelcraft 18 says:

Bdserav bgfym asewr

MovieCatProductions Davis says:

I have a deep connection with star wars. Im glad i have 3 brothers. I teach em how to use the force. But I was little , i had 1,2,3,4,5,6. I luved em. ( but my mom wouldnt let me watch #3 bc of gore until i was – WELL, I WATCH IT IN HURRICANE MATTHEW. . Then, in. 2015, MY HEART WAS POWNDING i was ready ! I saw the trailer , i was. 9 when it came out. I Luved it. REYLO. then ep 8. Oy i was the first one to see the teaser. I was soo scared. Bc of my deep love of star Wars, i never want it to end! I went to the theater 1 week after realease ( me, mike, and our friend AJ went to see it!) Ill just tell u. I walked out of the movie theater shaking. (I was 11) . Oh i remember it so vividly. And then solo, i watched too, MY 12 BIRTHDAY IS SEPT 6. Plz send me a b day drawling reaganmdavis911@gmail.com
Main acc. XxButterfly GirlxX

Matthew Sedillo says:

I love all the star wars movies i absolutely love star wars

Angela Gem says:

why did i cry watching this? i'm pathetic… ps the prequel trailers were horrible

Samuel102 kleinhans says:

At 1:29 yoda does not look like that in Ep 1

Monirul Islam says:

Boi the last Jedi was made in December 2017

Una Usuaria Mas says:

I love the trailers of the 70's, but the of the "The force awakens" makes me cry of emotion <3 …

Auzereus says:

U missed a trailer: Solo the Star Wars story

ItsJustAWaterMelon says:


Radulescu Simona says:

Star wars

Creeper Head says:

Did you have to show them in chronological order?

breaded fish says:

Star wars III best star wars ever made

Max 79 says:

Mdr. Ils spoile l épisode 3 dans la bande annonce

Hector Flores says:

Rouge one was rong

André Lopes says:
SuperNavatar says:

Were trailers really that bad in 99 or was Phantom Menace just that bad? I can't stand the overall aesthetic of that movie, even seeing snippets in a trailer. But it seems the modern trailer era began around ROTS. That was pretty awesome.

UnicornzHP says:

The ones with luke were made before the ones with Anakin as a kid so the title should have been “trailers of Star Wars 1-8

banana Bros says:

Watching the Last Jedi in December

Gwendal D says:

Sa aurait été mieux de commencer par le 4,5,6,1,2,3,7,8

Snowtrooper42 says:

I skipped the prequels…..

CuldeeFell1 says:

11:01 And Boba Fett AND Yoda. Smh, so inaccurate.

Lucas Bergman says:

You missed solo

Jose Pablo Morales Lara says:

you forgot the one of solo star wars story

SW says:

video starts in 6:42

dachdueb says:

Solo came 1st before R1

Etunimi Sukunimi says:

I always shock when i see force awakens trailer 🙂

Ana Stojanović says:

Hello there


seri star wars III just spoil the movie in the trailer, i have seen it but woaw cmon lukas!!!

Snow master says:

Why is the empire strikes back trailer about 100111101010minits long

Commander Keeli says:

Hi people's,The Han Solo is great.

Gamerbrad 123002 says:

The quality of the Trailers 7-8 Were So Good Thats Its Unreal How Good It looks compared To the 4th Movie

David troll :v says:

Very good 🤺🤺🤺

Avion8 says:

18:01= porgs.

Eduardo Flores says:

We need an updated version with the han solo trailer

F says:

Its funny how they got better at making trailers and worse at making movies.

Ruler of the Rootitoots says:

Star wars movies are getting worse.. I like the episodes 1-6

decoyed cyclone says:

My dad was like 9 when he watched a new hope in 1977……

consejo nulada says:

Are the order of the trailers based on the timeline?

Prechus Life says:

Why is every Star Wars movie coming out around December?

Abby Hamm says:

In The First Movie Yoda Looks Creepy!

Palaga Z says:

(In chronological order)

IOS Gaming HQ says:

The Force Awakens and The last Jedi gave me goose bumps
In a good way

IOS Gaming HQ says:

The new AT-ST blast sound is so much better!

IOS Gaming HQ says:

When Obi-Wan shook Anikan’s hand for the first time
“Im going to cut your limbs of in a few decades!”

IOS Gaming HQ says:

The prequels and the trailers for the prequels are just as bad.

Phatom Nerd says:

Grew up on star wars and I enjoyed the last jedi because it showed how willing the franchise is to take risks even tho the ending was like seeing a small part of my childhood fade

Fake Fedce says:


Amy Darton says:

My fav was rouge one

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