Alluring Saree or a Figure ?πŸ’˜ [F]

Alluring Saree or a Figure ?πŸ’˜ [F]

Alluring Saree or a Figure ?πŸ’˜ [F]

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38 thoughts on “Alluring Saree or a Figure ?πŸ’˜ [F]

mistero774 says:

Those nipples are fantastically sexy.

MemorialDayThrwAway says:

This is literally one of my biggest turn ons. A sexy woman in a saree. 😍

ImJustHere4Noodz says:

Those titties tho

Closetguy64 says:

Awesome tits, nips and body

Excellent_Woodpecker says:


romulano says:

damn baby those tits are perfect!

psylonet says:


funwmepost says:

I love you. You are so fucking hot.

Whodatpnw says:

Unbelievably beautiful

Shooter-of-dust says:

I remember your unwrapping video. Please do another.

Skfields says:

Hot πŸ”₯

ZarosGuardian says:

Holy fuck, mouthwatering. <3

6inchToungue says:

Very alluring saree and a beautiful figure.

You wouldn’t even have to take your saree off, easy to please you while you are still wearing it.

Mister_rtk says:

Dam. Nice rack ….

throwaway41538 says:

Holy shit.

thewannabeguy22 says:

Damn those titties

Extremelycurioustwo says:

Hello gorgeous absolutely magnificent love your skin tone..

aphroditespet says:

In la? A new stranger can touch you

yorkishtx1 says:

Desi me timbers!

Gatsby1920 says:

exotic and hot.. nice

Captseawhores says:

Lovely pink hun

Kunal9234 says:

No one can compete with those titties!

Bazinga776543 says:

So spicy – Hot AF

duckbutt says:


hdspears1 says:

Classy and oh so sexy.

BeauneU says:

Great nipples

Maverick0987 says:

Best photo I’ve seen today!

f350kingranch says:


khamm963 says:


Rober117 says:

Suits you well !

CaptainPlant433 says:

Amazing tits!!

carlos2127 says:

Hot as fuck

Mr_IslandMystic says:

Beautiful breasts. Lovely Saree. Nice body.

-FC- says:

Holy hell youre amazing.

K_Sajid12 says:

Want your more pics like this

houseofdothraki says:

So hot in this saree. I want one for my SO. From where you got this and what kind of blouse you are using otherwise ?

smorrisoakaJCVM says:

Completely hot!!

patagonianshoerat says:

holy fuck look at those nipples!

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