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27 thoughts on “AN AVERAGE UPDATE! August

SwanyPlaysGames says:

Yeah I wasn't a fan of the skins.

Andre Vaughn says:

Dice is lazy asf😂🤦‍♂️

Nathan Graham says:

Eh. Weaker than average, IMO. Legion skins should have been automatic defaults by map, not buyable skins, never mind them being inaccurate and looking like crap. And only two skins? That's not only pathetic, it doesn't give any substantial chance to make money for the game.

People have been asking for new Extraction maps, what do they do? Make Ewok Hunt permanent and add a map to Blast and Arcade.

GA is even more of an unplayable hero-spam mess, with the lower BP costs. And the out-of-era cost shouldn't have been lowered, that just makes the wrong-faction heroes ridiculousness even worse.

Anthony Cruz says:

I think they were making the armor based on commander gree but even they screw up his armor

Anakin Skywalker says:

Average? More like pathetic and mediocre.

Iron Hands Terminator says:

The only fun thing in this game is starfighter assault. The rest is garbage

Ethan Smith says:

41st skin is canon tho but in the movie they only show the scout/sniper units which wouldn't be too dificult to add since it's almost the same as the imperial scout armour but it's EA so I wasnt expecting them to dew it.

hiram esquivel says:

fuck that I'd pay modders instead of devs, I've seen the job modders do and dammmm 110% better than devs bs

98763 says:

Would be nice if EA sold this to another company, who would give this game more attention

JokingSteak says:

The star wars opposition mod in arma 3 got more accurate skins, I even get cross era gameplay and a huge sandbox warzone. I was gonna buy this game, until I read an article about the disappointing campaign…

_Drew6484_ says:

Im happy they incresed the amount of credits you get

GawkenGaming says:

I keep getting hoth on GA:/

NRUT117 says:

After the clone wars season they will just completely abandon the game

dieauferstehung says:

yoou sound like a retard, get a life LOSER

Cameron Adams says:

They’re not leaving the red stripe down the 327th are they because it’s wrong, I thought it was a glitch and why can’t we changes clone appearances in the game menu like the rebels and resistance

Bobby Federico says:

Dude all you do is bitch and complain about everything were getting Grevious, Obi-wan, Anakin, Dooku, the 212th and 501st, and also Geonosis is that not enough for you and much more they did say its only the start of the clone wars season

Leo Conant says:

Infantry skin accuracy means very little to me. I'm playing the objective

johnnyhockey08 says:

Their excuse about not having skins earlier was that they have to be canon, yet the skins they add aren’t even canon

Hai Pham says:

i want rank phase 1 skins not this shit

Winstonator 3000 says:

what’s wrong with the 327th skin

ExpendableHD says:

Why don’t they just make a battlefront game set solely in the clone wars

Audanius Vesuvuis says:

I think the colours are accurate. Not all clone troopers have their stripes in the exact same place, so I don’t mind that the skins “aren’t accurate” because to me they are


2 skins?
Doesn’t matter whether they sucked or not, or you telling me they took valuable time to Waste our time with barely any content?
What do I get?
Worthless update is worthless but I guess allowing us to buy emotes is a 1 Centimetre shuffle in the right direction -_-
That’s all battlefront 2 made in comparison to the first one.
A slight shuffle to what we wanted.

Jibberinski says:

What do you think will grivious be very buggy when he is Released?

Jedi Master Leland says:

Buying crystals isn't gonna make them have faith in the game, it's gonna make them raise the price of stuff so you have to buy more crystals than you would normally.

I love Knickers says:

Is anyone else getting a glitch on Xbox where they don’t see the match results and it just says match is already over

Mark Phillips says:

Nope. 100% wrong about more money.
Fact is, they spent more time on Loot Crating the game before launch. They should have used that effort to make a more smooth playing game with a progressive system. So many, in the 1,000's plus bought this game at FULL PRICE. EA and Dice made their damn money with now just a few of us still playing the game.
I agree this update is just ok but I would be damned to give this bastards another cent.

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