WHAT THE … This was taken from the Making of Star Wars Revenge of the Sith back when George Lucas was in charge. It was published after episode 3 came …


Star Wars Theory


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Star Wars Theory says:

So I'm on the plane using wifi right now…Sam Witwer is sitting in front of me. Told him all about the fan-film. He even has a special hello to all the fans I posted in my Instagram. What are the odds…the force works in mysterious ways my friends…here's to a great next two weeks! May the force be us ALL!

Podemos URSS says:

1:27 This sounds so gay…

hungarianbeast says:

This is stretching it so far beyond fun, sw lore is garbage. Sorry to leave a hateful comment here couse I watched many of your videos but this is garbage.

M.H.0903 says:

Thought this was a well known idea?
Or did you just make it to further prove the theory?

Meat Grinder Mike says:

I always thought the Skywalker bloodline with TWO dark side force users now in it (Anakin and now Ben Solo) that it was doomed to fail. To me the Skywalkers are a cursed bloodline with only Luke and Leia avoiding the fall to darkness.

masamune2984 says:

Also, I believe you misspoke. I think you meant the Darth Plagueis NOVEL is no longer “canon,” but Darth Plagueis himself absolutely still is, since he’s mentioned in the film. An honest accidental mistake 🙂

masamune2984 says:

Wait…isn’t this super old, well-known news? Sorry if I’m confused but I thought this has been covered endless times over the past few years. Anyways, even if you are just now finding this particular nugget, it doesn’t change the fact that you are absolutely my favorite go to source for Star Wars lore stories/news, and I can’t wait for the Vader film. Good luck!

RedJ3di says:

Fascinating video, thank you for the book reference. I love the videos and very much look forward to the fan film. May the Force be with you in Los Angeles.

Zak Noyce says:

I do like how its a mystery though

Zak Noyce says:

Holy shit! This is cool!

Martin Årvik says:

So… Luke is like "I refuse to kill my father!" and Darth Vader is like "Oh, let me show you how it's done"

steven carreiro says:

What the heck !? That’s impossible!!!

Jesiah De Chanel says:

Meh, I thought it would be new stuff but this is all old to me

SkullStryker Studios says:

To me lightsabers = in real life, Giant fire glowsticks.

Nicholas Chen says:

Skywalker is such a messed up family

Nicholas Chen says:

That would make the Throne Room scene in RotJ extra meaningful… Grandad asking grandson to kill dad… And also completeing the circle of Skywalker saga…

Schneewittchen3663 says:

I always thought Palpatine was his father, so, I'm on board with this theory.

Mr. Blonde says:

Are people just now finding this out? I read that on Wookieepedia years ago

Kepano 808HI says:

Man, you REALLY need to get a life….being a fan is one thing, doing this shit daily is obsession.

Tom Jones says:

Has it occurred to you that Palpatine could have been lying to Anakin to just reinforce Anakin's allegiance?

Jaina Solo says:

I prefer to think that the force itself created Anakin, because if it was Palpatine, then Anakin isn’t really the Chosen One, you know?

rrp925 says:

I thought maybe Plagueis would be better….. but cool to think about either way!

John Adams says:

I joked for many years, luke confronts the emperor. Empor: luke, obiwan never told you what happened to your grandfather. Luke: well I wasn't really told anything.  emperor: I… Am your grandfather. luke, that's not true, that's impossible. emperor: search your feelings you know it to be true. Luke NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOand then I further joked Yoda talking to palapatine. Yoda: you were never told who your great great great great great great great great grandfather was. Emporor. who? yoda. , your great great great great great great great great great great great grandfather, I am. emperor NOOOOOOOOOO

Jeff Meyer says:

I feel like I’ve known about this for years…

joel Chamberlain says:

Well it could be true, but prefer to think that Palpatine was just saying it in order to help turn Anakin to the darkside and strengthen the bond to Palpatine. To me that would fit more in with Palpatine's deceptive nature and would be believable, further expanding on the opera scene. Good luck for the up and coming meetings then filming. Cheers S.W!!

OBIWAN Kenobi says:

Anakin chancellor Palpatine is EVIL!

TheCastellan says:

Star Wars – where everyone is everyone else's relatives……

Jaron Dowdy says:

This sounds so fake

Lecx Xcel says:

I'd always assumed from the films that Sidious was the one that caused his creation anyway and I thought most people thought the same.

Weasel Biscuits says:

Knowing Disney they will make Jar jar binks the father

Mockthenerd5 says:

Oh thank the force this was cut! It's freaking stupid! Basically he made Star Sars Jesus? Wut? Also that's not how the body work… you can't just get magic bacteria to make a baby. Did his mum ever go "wtf… i didn't even fuk anybody and I'm pregnant" ir was she just sleeping about and thought she forgot to use contraception.

Josh Donoho says:

Vader: I am your father.


Vader: …and the emperor is your grandfather.

Luke: (even more high pitched) NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Auron Schluntz says:

Wait I though you said Darth plagues was the one that created aniken while experimenting with the force? !!!

James Conlin says:

Palpatine lied to him. Plageuis created him… AS IT STATES IN HIS DIRECT NOTES WITHIN THE SITH JOURNALS. The ONLY reason he told Anakin that was simply to enrage him further. End of story

Serpent Sepia says:

I have a theory that Anakin is a clone of a Jedi of the Old Republic who was set to be born at a specific time when the Sith start to grow in power. The Sith takeover was foreseen by the Jedi who implemented a dormant cell, or what-have-you, that would exist in the long line of Skywalkers, thus starting the prophecy. That would be one way Anakin could be conceived without a father. Rey could be something similar – another clone of a Jedi who existed during the Old Republic. Her mother would have thought, wtf and abandoned her or her mother could have been Leia who left her on the other desert planet to protect her from her son. Or to protect her from her self. Anyway, this is all speculation and I'm starting to ramble.

Jacob Shea says:

"In George's mind, in his original script,"

You might say, ACTUAL Star Wars content…

kimberly101 says:

Anakin is the star wars version of Jesus.

Rahat says:

What if Palpatine is Rey's "father" too the same way

Planet Watcher says:

Anakin doesn't have a father, he is a Zhor'i individual. Zhor'i women can reproduce without men and have sons without men involved. This is because Zhor'i women have complete control over their own bodies. The idea that Palpatine could control the physical body of a woman he has never met is absolutely ridiculous. It would make more sense for him to take some of his own flesh and spawn a younger clone-like figure from himself.

So it makes more sense that his mother impregnated herself (which Zhor'i women can do) and given she is Zhor'i, Palpatine would be Zhor'i, Anakin would be Zhor'i, Luke would be Zhor'i, Leia would be Zhor'i and Padme would be Zhor'i, that the dynamic of the story would be much different but also make much more sense than just an obsession for power for the sake of power.

Power is a tool and justification is always a necessity otherwise one becomes mad-obsessed, craven, demented, insane or worse and it usually gets worse the longer someone tries to rationalize having something they do not definitively need. It is easier if it was for survival's sake, but when survival isn't 100% a paramount obstacle, then you have nothing and that nothingness will take a life of its own and consume you. I speak as someone who knows what this is like from personal experience.

So by having the Zhor'i involved, which is our universe's history. You have this dynamic where the Zhor'i are seen as a threat but also as a necessity, due to their numbers, reliability and essentialness to keep the galaxy together, especially after the fall of the Rakata, the Infinite Empire.

Zhor'i are tall grayish skin humans, most often having bluish or purplish hair, but some are blondes as well as redheads. Zhor'i are insanely strong in the force, but that account their psychic abilities are much higher than most other living things.

Zhor'i were seen as a threat by the Jedi and the Jedi had sought to obliterate them. This had failed. The Jedi initially existed as a sort of balancing force, like the United Nations mix with the International Court of Justice and the Knights Templar as well as the Teutonic Knights fused into one. Their existence is basically on par with the Green Lantern Core, a peacekeeping force meant to ensure peace and stability in the Galaxy. Of course, this is really just for the major players in the Galaxy like the Rakata Empire. They really didn't care about the little guys out there, no matter what happened to them.

They them the Zhor'i as a threat when the Zhor'i only existed on their homeworld of Raez and they sought to eliminate them, but it failed because the Zhor'i adapted and learned from the Jedi through fighting them. Zhor'i have an unparallel genius when it comes to outsmarting, outlasting, outmaneuvering, and out-mastering their opponent. They will know everything about you, everything you know and use it against you without you having the slightest idea they knew anything at all. In short, fighting them is suicide.

Nevertheless, the Zhor'i did not oppose allowing their own people become slaves. They figure it would be quicker and more resourceful to "inherit" the galaxy as they will be able to tap into so many world from those they had been displaced. And they did, they knew the Rakata were going to fall well before it had even started to take place and they inherit the Galaxy as a result. By this time, the Jedi had reformed and allowed the Zhor'i to take part.

This was the only weakness the Zhor'i have, they are too blinded by the premise of coexistence. They are not by nature a violent people regardless of the fact they are carnivorous and active predators. They don't like the idea of harming another creature with capable sentience as being deeply psychic allows them feels the same suffering they inflict onto another and unlike humans which might become desensitized to the pain of others, for the Zhor'i such is never a possibility. They in fact, become more sensitized to it and PTSD is always a frequent occurrence for them. However… they can manage slaughtering if it was for their survival or for the survival of those they care about. Zhor'i have a unique mental switch in which they can become the most savage yet most efficient killers to ever exist if the right circumstances present themselves. But those circumstances are hard to come by.

Nevertheless, it was the gradual weakening of the displaced Zhor'i due to policies of the Jedi and lack of williness of the Zhor'i to see those actual intentions, blinded by the premise of coexistence and benevolence that would lead to the fall of the Republic as one Zhor'i individual was able to see what was happening to his own people. That is the actual story of Palpatine.

The Zhor'i subjected even after acquiring the Galaxy by those they felt were now their brothers, the other species of the Galaxy. So, what happened was gradual manipulation of the Zhor'i genome under the premise of becoming less harmed by the sun's light, they would also become easier to control, having less power, less intelligence and less strength. Basically being turned into drones, more efficient than any android, but still even less capable of fighting back. That is what would be their fate and this was revealed to Palpatine when was marooned on Raez in an effort to save his own life marauders. He met the aboriginal Zhor'i people who didn't want to integrate into the Galactic society of their galaxy. This is really because these people to the blunt of the psychological impact of the atrocities the Zhor'i had committed when they sought unification against a common threat, the Anzati. The Anzati were a myserious race that appeared practically out of no where (in reality they were a last ditch effort by the Rakata to prevent the Zhor'i from becoming a problem as the Rakata Empire began to decline, using and manipulating the Zhor'i genome to create the perfect population control for that species). Of course, it did not work, the Zhor'i massacred all of them. But those who were most active in slaughtering the Anzati fled back to Raez and kept to themselves to be in the ever unleashed agonized state they brought up themselves. So basically, Raez became like a hermit asylum for PTSD war criminals, albeit kind of a necessity given the Anzati were unwilling to coexist with the Zhor'i and were a threat to them due to the fact Anzati have an ever-existing and escalating appetite for Zhor'i brains.

So these Zhor'i hid away on their homeworld and kept to themselves until realize how the offworld Zhor'i were being impacted by the Jedi and realize at that point it would be meaningless to integrate. So they continue to keep themselves in isolation on Raez, a world that became forgotten until Palpatine by accident came to their world. And it is from them, he learned the truth and knowing the Zhor'i of Raez wouldn't fight for their brothers and sisters, not wanting to cause more bloodshed, he sought out the Sith. And that is the actual story of how Palpatine became Sith.

The Red Spider says:

I remember hearing a theory that suggested that but without mentioning this book

Shadowmoth says:

Wow. That would have been rediculously cheesy.
It's better that the force created Anakin to create balance.

mace starwalk says:

This deleted scene doesn't mean plagues was not anakins father. We don't know if Palpatine was lying or not.

J. Michael Miller says:

This was a great video, but I'm not upset the scene was changed

apollo11bb says:

Yeah, the original script has been on forums for a long time. I personally wish that it made its way into the movie.

John Coryell says:

Brothers and sisters I have none. This man's father is my father's son. Who am I?

The Comic Kid says:

Darth Plagueis didnt create Anakin. The force reacted to Plaguies experimentations and created the chosen one

Julien Prévost says:

Palpatine was lying to Anakin all along

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