ANIME EXPO 2017! ft. The

ANIME EXPO 2017! ft. The



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The Living Tombstone says:

My god Jobby you are a goddamn legend, was amazing to hang out with you and Oscar in AX and I'd love to hang out with you more in the future (hopefully the near future), thanks for noting how tall I am but I don't know if being tall means youtube success tho, we'd have to run some tests.

And yes, there is a fun project that I am going to do with Jobby given how fun he is to listen to in his toy reviews, but once it's out you'll know about it from Jobby and myself

P.S. It's funny that we talked about the photo with my tongue sticking out that I said looks stupid and probably shouldn't be in the video and LO AND BEHOLD

RedHellAnimaTions says:

What was the song at the end?

RedHellAnimaTions says:

What was the song at the end?

ZenoXephon says:

That necklace has Fate/Grand order on it. I dont know how to react…

Michael Garcia says:


Stetson White says:

Me: buys fidget spinner
Jobby: steals it for review "SWIVEL HERE"

Oberon Main says:

I am 12 and watch jobbys channel but I hear worse at school

Red Cubes says:

5:41 who is that???

Whittymora says:

You should should try Comic Con. They got just as much Weeb shit there too.

Fish says:

What did they play before Careless whisper?

Fish says:

Holy shit. That clear plastic 00 Qan [T] is fucking amazing.

L.A. Garcia says:

Yo! Dude… Not cool man!

Duck Tales says:


Trolmaster - says:


Atheon, Times Conflux says:

"Even though it's not perfect it's not that bad" that's uhhh…a very interesting way to eat pizza

Atheon, Times Conflux says:

0:17 what fell out of your head?

YouTube SJW says:

Yo lok xezy

Bring the Bee says:

Good old soul of chogokin megazord

Black Watch says:

Can't wait to sell my kidneys for that gun at 7:14

Scarachus says:

It's so nice to see you and TLT as friends. You two are great!

CerealKillah says:

Did u watch the Spider-Man homecoming

CerealKillah says:

I GATTA dig bick

Abigail Ellen Imrei says:

Well I can safely say that I'm jealous you got to have a go with the Cerevo Dominator. I've been wanting that thing for so long!

Kristin Schott says:

You're taller than me…at least…if that means anything

mr. cuddlebuns says:

the infamous legendary appearance of a bari sax was shown in this video(not the player the saxophone) my day is complete

Iliya Taheri says:

jobbythehong luv u

TheAVJ2 says:

Jobby what was that gun you were holding ?

JJpleex says:

Keep it up!

Eweb Toghill says:


BlueSicario says:

wish i could've seen you

Concentric Octagons says:

Damn… You got hold of a fidget spinner, and forgot to mention the S W I V E L…?!!


If jobby lives in Colorado Springs there is a comocon in August

mrblackbeard18 says:


TUSKACT 4 says:


Dylan Tangen says:

his next video is his 200th video

LeedleLover 63 says:

jobby the hong more like jobby up my dong daddy

Alec The Bunny says:

I don't like anime

Mathijs t.V says:


Tom James says:

U know what, after the expo and the power rangers review, I did really feel as tho Jobby was just enjoying making his videos more. Papa Jobby seemed a lot more positive. So glad he enjoyed anime expo. Plz spider gwen review!!!!

Just Monika's Zettai Ryouiki says:

7:13 Holy shit that Dominator is fucking awesome

Gojifan 2000 says:

JobbytheHong+ I send a comment in the F.O.C. Grimlock review. Can you please check?

tha yoshy tha boss says:

joby plz make a new Chanel cald joby playes

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