Anime Expo 2018 Cosplay

Anime Expo 2018 Cosplay

Anime Expo 2018 takes place in Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California, USA Music: Wave Meow – Power Up Original audio content for this …




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28 thoughts on “Anime Expo 2018 Cosplay

Felina hernandez del barrio says:

anyone knows who is the skating cardcaptor sakura??

nightpenguin is a kool kid says:

do you need tickets

Sela N says:

Can someone tell me the anime/character at 2:16?

Cristia S says:


Ryuzaki Channel says:


Valfalkk says:

A hunting horn user I see…

Meshi men says:


Vertix says:

You all clicked the vid for boobs don’t lie I know men cause I am one

TheMya47 says:


Fred Yie says:

1 of ma Fav Cosplay Vid

WaVeS Tre says:

Man me and my cousin would have cosplayed as adult naruto and adult Sasuke

Damelys Guaura says:

3:45 anime?

Shadowz _Playz_Pianoz says:

I saw a gwendolyn cosplay from odin sphere in the background and got really excited, i’ve never seen an odin sphere cosplayer before

Garrett Gann says:

1:48 what anime is that character from

Calvin M. says:

3:24 nah… Not even close 🤢

Raiden mei says:

Really want to go in here but im brokeee

sasuke uchiha says:

make me cum hell yeah baby woo

Rui Ribeiro says:

1:12 Yeah no one other than real hunters can use the Monster Hunter Hunting Horn 😂

joseph jimenez says:

0:37 Who is her ?

joseph jimenez says:

Who is the first ? 0:11

Kenan 101 says:

Ryuko 2:37

니아 says:
Bryan 6790 says:

Imagine going as this 2:00 at a cosplay event and your friends troll you by changing some of the clips to hentai.

Keira Clayton says:

Danganropa you should watch buttttt it will be scary horrifying

Keira Clayton says:

I like how naruto is always in the backround

My babe Lian says:

at 2:42 nip slip, thank you

Lucidity YT says:

Nip slip 2:42

salah sayar says:

0:55 mesa from warframe 😄

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