Anime Memes Only True Fans

Anime Memes Only True Fans



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45 thoughts on “Anime Memes Only True Fans

james leb says:

What Is Your Power? Based On Your Last Number Of Like On This Comment?
A) Likes 0-2 (One For All)
B) Likes 3-5 (See Thru Clothes)
C) Likes 6-7 (Invisible)
D) Likes 8-9 (Ultra Instinct)

Danny Sch. says:

Nice video

OhakoCore says:


Psycho LittleBear says:


Shadow Hunter54 says:

I got Goku. Noice

The saiyan Warrior says:

What if i told you that I have special contact lenses that make my eyes look like shadinganfrom naruto

Jalovi Loves says:


MacKyleM MusicArts says:

Omg… what's worse about this video is that here: 4:03 featured hatsune miku…SHE IS NOT AN ANIME CHARACTER!

Jean kristen Barrientos says:

At 9:45 I got natsu

Tymell Jackson says:

Team 1 forever mainly cause natsu plus saitama will 1 shot everybody except his team

Tymell Jackson says:

Hi this is for goku

That Guy Thomas says:

Saitama doesn’t have powers he just has overpowered strength and physical ability…

ProTactics says:


acme 詠美ちゃん Middleton says:

who dafaq watches 1 episode?

Eternal Fox Playz says:

6:15 what’s the song

DIY kill yourself says:

Team one and two will have a 20 episode battle

Dexjay's Life says:


JTV0738 Vlogs says:

I must have bad luck cause I ended up with karma cause my bday is September

Ayman Pro says:

I loved ur vids. Good luck! Oh yeah btw, 0:073:53 what's the music? Pls tell me.😀😀😁

RandomPhantom - XD47 says:

I got hinata on my birthday

adam of Oklahoma says:


さきでれSakidere〜 says:

4:27 that's me trying to not fall asleep when I watch to like 3 in the morning

And 7:29 team 4.

lost one says:

Hey that spicy one was from euphoria right?

Sophie Prestt says:

My favorite anime is fairy tail so at 9:42 when i saw May was Natsu i was going to cry.

My birthdays in may btw

Snowden Drifts says:

Those 151 haters… Pathetic

Mikołaj Mówka says:

Apples! Shinigami loves Apples!

Everything Plus GamerX says:

I love anime

Ded Sed says:

Anime life

Damien Nawrocki says:

I did the first three, now I'm Gorufy, so you all can call me God (Goku+Naruto+Luffy=Gorufy)

Verdant Gamer says:

Umm who’s the person on the April birthday game?

Godfather Craig says:


Trick Shot Brothers says:


Maya loves Funneh and the krew says:

Omg Natsu is my best friend!

Maya loves Funneh and the krew says:

Team one all da wae!!!!!

Maya loves Funneh and the krew says:


Maya loves Funneh and the krew says:


Crystal Wolf says:

2:48 Nah!!!! One series per night

H2O DRAGON says:


Its Memories says:

2:14 is me

Jens dancy says:

10. 21 yeah the food is to spicy. – _<

Tricky Hand says:

Anime is a big shit.

Ryan Lee says:

Comment for naruto

rsauls 83 says:

And team 3 would win

rsauls 83 says:


rasenganblazing says:

Anime rules

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