AnimeLab’s Top 5 Anime Powers

AnimeLab’s Top 5 Anime Powers

If aliens came to Earth and challenged humans to an intergalactic battle, which anime powers would you want? Subscribe to our channel for all the latest …




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11 thoughts on “AnimeLab’s Top 5 Anime Powers

Vincent Mocorro says:

What episode was the Naruto???

BlackNova says:

you forgot to mention (MY)top 5 anime powers cause i dont agree with any 1 besides Alchemy and geass

Kazel says:

Itachi ♥

xMusic says:

What was the first and 3rd anime?

R.O.T.C SEEM says:

the last 3 yeah but the rest are are lame

llama nug says:

nop, not even close

Shinya Hiragi says:

I noticed Edward Elric in the subbed version of fullmetal alchemist sounds like chihiro from shounen maid

Mika Villareal says:

the power to command the power of a king

kill me says:

ki from dragon ball z (cmon you knew this since your childhood)

stargatefreak3 says:


Baris Girgin says:

Accelerator's Vector Manipulation from A Certain Magical Index would be my weapon of choice.

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