Avengers: Endgame Cameos Marvel Fans Missed

Avengers: Endgame Cameos Marvel Fans Missed

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Spider-man came back! Professor Hulk is here! Thor has a gut now? With so much focus on our heroes and the huge epic scenes during Avengers: Endgame, it was very easy to miss some of the smaller moments. In this case, we’re referring to a collection of film cameos that may have slipped by. Whether you were digging into your popcorn bucket — or wiping away some tears, these cameos often flashed by or featured people you never knew who they were. And then of course there’s a famous Marvel duck who couldn’t help but make his presence known. So let’s break down the who’s who of Marvel cameos from Endgame you may have missed!

Not only did director Joe Russo have his hands full filming two epic superhero movies pretty much back-to-back but our own MCU hero actually took the time to brush up on his acting skills and appear in the movie. The Russos really went out of their way to include a lot of cameos and small moments no one expected. Case in point: the storage unit scene where Scott Lang is released from the Quantum Realm. The scene features a great cameo no one expected. Casting rumors spread for months before Avengers: Endgame premiered and one of the names people talked about was Katherine Langford. The actress known for the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why and the movie Love, Simon drew a lot of headlines when she was cast. Watch to see all of these surprising cameos and several others including a famous duck and a possible Skrull!



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34 thoughts on “Avengers: Endgame Cameos Marvel Fans Missed

Christopher Thompson says:

That’s all we need is more “open gay characters” I think Hollywood is shoving that “super rare” theme down our throats enough



Tube 4 Kids says:

Do you know I have an Avengers Kids Version

Daniel plays says:

How about Ty Simpkins who played as Harley.He was at Iron Man's funeral.The person after Hawkeye and his family.The lonely man.

Jay Cee says:

Yay, LQBRESTID representation in the MCU! I didn't know he was gay, don't need to know, doesn't make a bit of a difference, but since you're so politically correct, why didn't you mention all of the openly straight actors? Well, you had plenty of opportunities.

Stop regurgitating the agenda, you tool! Wake up and think for yourself, it's nice over here.

Sebastian Harley says:


Frenki 777 says:

Some people lost Howard the duck But not us

Xestron says:

Where did you get the HD footage?

Ryan gst says:


Joey Hudson says:

Aren't the Skrulls good in the MCU?

Bilbo Dabbins says:

You can’t dig into your popcorn bucket and watch the movie at the same time?

TheSuperBaxter says:

A reminder that the Skrulls are good guys so why not have the Skrulls fight alongside the Avengers and the heroes against another big villain.

M.K Tuck says:

Who cares if there are any gay characters in the MCU? Like why do we need that?

drguetz says:

so that was actually stan lee? I thought it was the acotr from GLOW impersonating Stan Lee for a final cameo in the MCU.

JuseBeats says:

Oh stop with the gay already lol. Geez can't even watch a video anymore without PC crap being the first things y'all care about… Chill.

Randomcody says:

3:28 the gun is a cameo too (pewdipie)

E Kobayashi says:

Thanos in Infinity War: I don’t want to kill you guys. I just want the stones so that I can randomly kill off half of the population.
Thanos in Endgame: f**k you guys. I’m gonna kill you all.


We don't need any more gays around.


Gay in marvel it must be a joke right?

Farzana Khan says:

It's not Assguard, It's Asgard. Correct your pronunciation. -_-

don johnson says:

I actually thought Stan Lee was Kurt Russell with Starlord's mother

A Person says:
MadxXx TRYHARD says:

Spiderman Is The Strongest Avenger Because He Has Instant Kill Mode So He Can Kill Thanos Easy

Souksanh Phoummavong says:

Lies that rat was master splinter

Abigail Hotten-Somers says:

whays a cameos

C Whiting says:

Avengers: Endgame toenails you didnt realize were not cut.


why are they pushing this mental disorder so hard

Tuvya Maeir says:

Okay, seriously, I don't know why so many people assume this is the last Stan Lee cameo. It isn't. His cameo in Far From Home was shot a couple months before his passing.

Larry says:

title should be " cameo's that no one cares about"

Guitarded says:

some of these aren't even what cameos are. there just characters from some of the older movies.

Guitarded says:

why does it matter if someone is gay? is that supposed to get brownie points? i don't understand why it demands so much attention that someone is gay.

The BatGamer says:

I hate and despise LGBTs

Hello People says:

Wait Howard the Duck has a movie but Hawkeye doesn’t 😡

Hendrix Lynch says:

Wait? Ken Joung (sp) was in disguise?

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