AZURA COSPLAY ft. Stellachuu (*/ω\)

AZURA COSPLAY ft. Stellachuu (*/ω\)

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Edited by Garyukov ლ(ಠ益ಠლ

intro art:
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50 thoughts on “AZURA COSPLAY ft. Stellachuu (*/ω\)

DRAGSツ says:


Shampo Luis says:

in conmemoration of Valkarye Profile's new game for mobile, and considering the game has awesome music score, and you love music, you should cosplay Lenneth Valkyre. Maybe even collab with them for a sponcor since the game just released not that long ago.

Allan Machado says:

Stella is a goddess

Erza Scarlet says:

Whats the song lily was playing on the piano?

Danielle Spargo says:

StellaChu is so talented!!!
I can't believe she can sing too!!
The dark eyeliner looked soo good on you Lily!!!
I would also probably be shy in that outfit lol
But the whole cosplay was just 10/10 amazing both of you!!
Can't wait for genderbend cosplay!!! 😍😍😍😍

Stephen Mahilum says:

I like her short hair

Ben Q says:

Lilypichu can hold her breath in 23 seconds…:( NEW RECORD;D

Floofy Boi says:

Increasing groans of discomfort

Jason Chow says:

i see sexy legs i fap

Nymphonomicon says:

Lily Aquachu.

Doc says:
Soup77777 says:

danm lily got a head

lol says:


assassin _gear says:

I play Fire emblem Fates lilypichu try it

The Enderman Nest says:

So adorable

User ' says:

4:17 what anime are u referencing?
iv clips of it it idk what its called :/

ǫᴜᴇᴇɴᴄʜ Gamer says:

yeah flat… @.@

touches chest

Juuzou Suzuya says:

Did you do the cover of the song? If not please do

sean Macguire says:

mate she so flat

jinsouler ً says:

she's so gorgeous im gay

V Min Kook Stan says:

5:27 I really thought that was a real person 😂😂 the azura cosplay 😂😂😂

V Min Kook Stan says:

2:57 love that edit hahahahhaha 😂😂😂😂😂

Nein Pepi says:



Đ o m i n i c k says:

She said omelette du fromage smh it's a Dexter's Lab reference

luis leon says:

Azuras from tibia?

nAte pEaRsOn says:

cOsplay boWseTte

90s Thinqss says:

Azura is amazing

Akuma Filgmesh says:

May look alike guy but but reversed TRAP

Linda Path says:

Your so adorable

ttalgi_Jeonghan says:

2:55 Lolololol that edit tho 😂

Cyano 098 says:


Cup of Tae with a little Suga and a Kookie says:

Lilyyyy looks like Albyyyyyy

Hữu Hiệp Production says:

she was half cute, half thicc <3

Ivy Rose says:

Omg the sound Lily makes at 2:54 is funny

Hush Wonder says:


Anonymous says:

3:23 whats the song name?

Michael Maddox says:

I grew up in the wrong gen

Hopeless Soul says:

She isn't a sickle cell btw in an airhead thing

Mari Mrtz says:

2:57 WTF

Patrick Sy says:

+Trinimmortal Needs to See this Vid!!!

Dave M. White-Gluz says:

Weee willl weee will rockk youuuu!

Cecilia Kat says:

looks at title OMG YOU WERE AZURA WTHHHHHHHHHHHH! I mean she must still adore the game too right?

Asis Rai says:

She looks like boxbox smh

brisinger117 says:

Thank god for the editor making the song input.

Snozzy inc says:

Dayum lily 😍😂

Mizuno Kakasuki says:

Kawaii!! Voice!!!!

amzarrsd 1 says:

I challenge thee readers to watch this during November of thee understand.

sourciety 15 says:

People that have the Sickle Cell Disease, also have ligma.

Memelord Pam says:

Just gona say this ….



More Stella PLEASE!!!

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