Best Action Anime Movies All

Best Action Anime Movies All

Title: Get backers Episode: 4,5,6 The thumbnail is not of this movie, just illustrative. Thank for watching, subscribe & like!



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ggma000 2.0 says:


Yeah Caitleen wow says:

I love it ❤️❤️❤️
Thank for sharing and the dubb are so amaizing..

Enid Baker says:


Enid Baker says:


Sarfraz Alam says:

Where is the NXT episode plz anybody give it's link below plz

Sebastien Michel says:


Sebastien Michel says:

Dr jackal my ass more like dr jackass

Richard Dupree says:

Where's the rest of it because the next one is just another episode it doesn't finish the rest of the episode what's up with that

Anderson Newton says:

GetBackers is the name of the Anime

patrick ray says:

46:19 LMFAOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

patrick ray says:

Brings back memories.

AdoptedParasyte says:

A friend told me to watch this a few years ago. I'm glad I found it here, It's a cool series so far.

winter rain says:

Aw man I saw full metal alchemist.

vernon golding says:

Anime Everything x Sang Hawkins

Zach Williams says:

quick question….. where is the continuation of the violin episode? i went to you're next vid for 7,8,9 and it didnt continue episode 6 where the animal guy was about to fight the glasses guy

AL Helwa says:

Part 3 please😅

Timothy Farrand says:

Weird series. Not bad, just different

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