Best Action Anime Movies //

Best Action Anime Movies //

Title: Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan Episode: 1-4 The thumbnail is not of this movie, just illustrative. Thank for watching, subscribe & like!



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40 thoughts on “Best Action Anime Movies //

TheFallenCrow 07 says:

So the thumbnail was clickbait… for a movie…

Marlee Miao says:

I just want to hear the voice of the English dub.. but since it's only sub.. I will continue watching heehe thanks for the sub

Puipui Pendragon says:

Corrections it not dub its sub 😂😂😂😂

Alyssa Pech says:

I just stumbled on this anime and now 8'm hooked.
What's it called?

Aeriena Nant says:

Thank U so much for sharing

ricky harvey says:

man go back to school

Robert Gwin says:

There is a difference between dubbed and subbed!!!

jenzki juaneza says:

Whats the Title of the anime?

Kebz Thegreat says:

why the negative comments? you can speak english but cant read english? dumbholes

Saliba Kyrakos says:


Saliba Kyrakos says:

Fuck you 🤫

Saliba Kyrakos says:

English dubbed you

Taeyong’s Love says:

Well I thought that I was bout to watched this dubbed, but I’m glad to hear the original voices <3 love that it’s subbed.

Fazle Fatama says:

is it yoai anime??😂

Alfred Halog says:

find another oe new anime its always the same or old .

Coc Helper says:

Fucker this not in english language

Jerry Fuller says:

Evidently these guys don't know the difference between subtitled and Dubbed. Cause this certainly isn't dubbed.

V onny says:

This is NOT dubbed, but thank you anyway.

G-PM says:

The thumbnail which anime is?

sammy balfe says:

Your like the thousandth person who put DUB on the title and it wasn’t DUB don’t put dub if it’s sub

merazul islam says:

what kinda dub is this.

Abdul Azeez says:


Gang Nation says:

U stupid idiot

Emmanuel Mars says:

what the fuck! how could you waste my life like this!?

Genieva Barfield says:

What is the name of this anime I don't see it anywhere





LY CA says:

The fact that all of his future frnds here will die. 😂

bob fendi says:


Yuikna Crass-son says:

What is this movie is a about an what kind of movie is this

Dhetta Dhillo says:

Cerita Vampire Samurai apa gimna ya kok aku blm mudeng nonton inih….!!!! 🙄🙄🙄

XoXo vyrhoci says:

What's the thumbnail? what anime is it ?

Tray_360 says:

learn Dub from sub

Isabelle Isa says:

Ce n'est pas un garçon mais une fille et son père est moine dans un temple et elle sait ce battre dans l'histoire il y a des vampire s

Anime shot says:

Sub is english or other language subtitles. Dub is with the voice acting so english voice actors

Anime shot says:

Subbed not dubbed

Angely Serrato says:

What's the thumbnail please😄🙏

Kese Fang says:

Love it!!! APPRECIATE the upload:-) keep it up

Benson Gomez says:

Could you please upload the next episode

Benson Gomez says:

Your upload is always awesome….

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