Best of Anime 2017

Best of Anime 2017

So Crunchyroll are back at it with this year’s Anime Awards, and have asked me to chime in on some of the best things to come out of Anime in 2017.





41 thoughts on “Best of Anime 2017

CroWn Gaming says:

A silent voice is a big fuck you to autistic people

Apenas outro autista says:

I was feeling bad for like Re: creators so much

now I'm feeling worse

Vera M says:

I screamt when i saw the persona5 part.

Alora Smith says:

For 2018, Angels of Death had a gorgeous soundtrack. Lets be honest here.
That violin sets the mood so perfectly.
Maybe I'm just saying that because I loved it so much.

Mustafa Qureshi says:

2:30 The new Spider-Man game looks awesome

Mike Rimirez says:

What is the anime in this video

Jack Mcdig says:

2018 SSS gridman congrats mecha fans

Brownie G says:

What anime is at 5:00 ????

Nznxnkx Mcmfmcmkc says:

What anime 5:47 doing it for research

Armand Mendiola says:

2:20 what I tell my parents everyday

아이자와 쇼타 says:

Made in Abyss Absolutely

Veni Vedi Vici says:

"all your year resources to one amazing fight"

Military219 _Actual says:

What is the show and song at 6:54?

Super Mehdi says:

0:00 3017 lol

Marvelous Clips says:

Can't wait for Made in Abyss Season 2!!!! <3

Kizuki Grisaia says:


Joshua Kunzer says:

Wait, you haven't seen Fullmetal Alchemist? I mean, I understand if you watched FMAB , but not FMA.

Mr. Cage says:

poor mecha fans

mehran aminzadeh says:

Im a simple man
I see nanachi
I click

Spectra OneManArmy says:

Gigguk: Mecha fans, 2018 is your year!

Darling in the Franxx beyond episode 15 intensifies

q p says:

4:44 just tell me the anime T_T

Thomas Nutjob says:

polygon pictures is doing gods work

Thomas Thomas says:

made in abyss and girls' last tour are some of my favorite things. I also thoroughly enjoyed re: creators.

baistosh says:

what anime is 2:52…just starting in anime…captain??

baistosh says:

what anime is this 3:02 ?? thanks

Slav Soul says:

0:47 what's this anime?

Song Yuu says:

Can anyone tell me those animes that appear here?

Rocksteady Gaming says:

Yes Re: Creators! I had been casually watching anime, but then I watched Creators and became way too excited about anime since.

John Smith says:

when 2018 actually was Mecha fans' years

[snoopii] says:

Thank you so much for talking about made in abyss. You're actually the reason I watched the show. I was captivated by the music, and thanks to you, it's my favorite anime. ♡

tyler bregg says:

I was wondering why attack on titan wasn't mentioned in OST, that's one of attack on titans most famous quality the hype music that makes the epic scenes so fucking memorable and make you download the soundtrack and make your own attack on titan playlist that you listen to anytime you wanna get hype

Tony Yang says:

Made in Abyss, Magus' Bride.

PopularLoon says:

Yo anybody noticed the bakemonogatari piano theme in the background? Bruh the nostalgia

Burnt Ham Man says:

Are continuing series allowed to be nominated for any category that isn't best continuing series?

Jeremy Raymond says:

Wow this would have been a great list if you actually put the names of the anime somewhere on the video or in the description. Lot's of fun trying to spell out Japanese titles by ear as you spout out full paragraphs in one breath.

CymsiJr says:

I love it when animes get subbed, I hate dubs because I always end up watching the Japanese version.

CymsiJr says:

Eromanga Sensei loves ochinchin

Sugun Yadla says:

where the hell is seven deadly sins for action ?
it will frikkin give u orgasms man!!

illusionZ XD says:

great content as always
i love you
keep going

Four Eyed Bean says:

I'm a simple man.

I see Nanachi, I clicked

Arefin Dipto says:

0:49 whats that anime?

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