Best Superpower Anime Movies

Best Superpower Anime Movies

Title: Munto Episode: 1-6 The thumbnail is not of this movie, just illustrative. Thank for watching, subscribe & like! —————————————————— Note: …



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45 thoughts on “Best Superpower Anime Movies

Anguirus2012 says:

The classic animation is OUTSTANDING.

Amrita Rana says:

I loved this movie

Gina Pratt says:

I love it

τιm я says:

Why do all comment on that it says dubbed or not anime has to be watched with japanese Audio and subtitles!!!!

Hello Bye says:

Brooo fricken 13 year olds talking about getting married I’m 13 and only just got a girlfriend I’m not just gonna ask her to marry me like the hell

lyn De Moustier says:

Super nice one!!! Where is the next part?!? Its so interesting story Munto and Sumemi!

Malek Taha says:

Médiéval chat

Malek Taha says:


Jacqueline says:

It's a lie to post Japanese when you advertise English Dubbed. My time is as valuable as yours so I don't have time to waist watching something that is not what is advertised. Thanks for nothing.

Johny Quela says:

Why is Munto wearing a BRA??? 7:16
What was the animator thinking? hahaha

TheCrazyBanana says:

English Dub -.- you say…

xXLillyGorXx Gacha studios says:

When the red guy came: ew he looks ugly whats up with his hair?!?!?!?!!?!!!

John sides says:

I thought it was dubbed…. I guess yall don't know the difference

cat girl and cat boy says:

This is not dubbed it subbed

Sabine Strader says:

Not dubbed, subbed

Bangtan Girl says:

Who wants a SUBSCRIBER?

Bangtan Girl says:


sammy balfe says:

Don't put dub if its not dub

Sing Long says:

Honestly the title is click bait cause it said "English Dub" and it don't sound like it's in English looolll😂😂😂😂

Gila Game says:


joe v says:

Why did you lie about the english dub? Clickbait! Thumbs down! Unsubscribe!

Sunil Rai says:

loved it 😍😍😍😄😄😃😃✌

Gamer Dolf says:

Nanni?! I need the part 2 where is it?

Star Sapin says:

What anime is in the thumbnail????

Mi's Elle says:

Love the art! Especially their motions,flexible.
Edit* this is good, it kept me on edge

Team Nalu says:

This is not dubbed

Bappy Biswas says:

You don't known what English dub means …

Bappy Biswas says:

Did you known what

Lodz Lagare says:

Ive seen this.. When i was grade school in television Its been 20years i think. why its not in full movie.??

Muhammad Asyraaf says:

I dont like this movie but its ok

littlequeenlady says:

That suzume is so cute!

RE SKATE says:

title [sorawo miageru shoujono hitomini utsuru sekai] 2009

harune aira says:

I love yumemi's voice❤❤

amer mazino says:

Please don't mind other s comment about little error ,SUB or Dub either one is OK as long as it's a good movie. Thanks for all your uploads.

Anime storm says:

Why does it say dub

Lady_Yuka Senpai Playz says:

So, who's the MC here?

caspar fewcett says:

Title reads dub but it not.

Tom&Promise Manning says:

this isnt english dub. if i wanted to read my movie i would get a book

LiZa DeKa says:

You mother fucker do u know the meaning of dub n sub

Lara Quinto says:

I love you for posting japanese subbed anime instead of English ones, when I watch these movies I kinda learn a lil bit of Japanese I love yuuu thank you

Ian Macadangdang says:

Please please guys. Tell me tittle of this anime?

مزكين جمال says:

هلا يمكنكي ترجمة العربي

Sicnarf Kram Tnecniv says:

Thank you for uploading this! 🙏

Freaky Ratbuster says:

Suggest me the best anime movie in ur channel

Leen Ibrahim says:

WTF it must be English dub

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