BIG News Coming! Can We Get

BIG News Coming! Can We Get

Here we just further discuss the chances of manga part 2 being announces at the tokyo game show 2018! STREAM SHOULD BE FOUND HERE ON THE 23rd!




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38 thoughts on “BIG News Coming! Can We Get

TheAnimeKing says:

What if they announce bounts? I’m saying the bounts are Characters that have yet to make it to the game also the new “no affiliation killer” is more proof that they might be coming soon since the bounts are not human

Drayyyven says:

Really want manga tosh banner 😭

Meruem-sama says:

Im so hyped about this.. But not that hype cuz gonna be dissapointed if they dont actually annouce it..

Jayashan Perera says:

I just want my toshiro and shunsui thats all

Hamid darkslayer says:

I hope 3rd anniversary ulq will be back am looking for ulq 😍😍

Predator Connor says:

Guys in my opinion there is a big chance to announce aizen with the bandages because he is on the new game jump force! Simple as that…

Bringbleachback says:

Well since apparently cowboy knows what eom is … he said its gonna be hype so i take his word for it. 90% its gonna be manga if not , it still has to be hype so dangai remake i guess

Deepraj Thapa says:

I want k lab to update the game with trading characters system

Raventooth says:

I feel like with uryu there it kinda leads towards the quincys. Plus Grimm, nel, rose, mayuri, aizen

Hybrid Theory says:

0:05 all those games are gay except bleach lol

Dubstep says:

We will be getting something hype worthy since its TGS. Either new batch of manga characters or a remake of Ichigo (Dangai, Full Hollow, or Fullbring). If we do get manga I hope to see TYBW Soi Fon in round 1.

no name says:

Maybe they will announce the return of the anime or a new live action movie

Chase Wynkoop says:

I want TYBW Mayuri and TYBW Aizen they should’ve been in round 4 but they didn’t show up in there so round 5 should be Mayuri, Aizen, and Uryu

Jason Baker says:


Kevin ***** says:

I'm more surprised that they came out with manga chars as early as they did anyways. They completely skipped over entire groups of chars that had big story lines in the manga and the tv series…. I'm starting to think that BBS is running out of gas and unless they make some drastic changes to the game this year, they are going to lose all the OG players that made this game so popular along w the revenue from them. If they don't do something to pull us back in, I doibt this game will see a 5th anniversary.

kery joy son says:

x axis
death dealing

Alain Castro says:

I'd want them to make ichigo's mom and white. Also if they could release like story mode very hard version that would be great

Michael King says:

Were legit watching klab like hawks right now😂😂😂 BTW nice video tor, we appreciate the info.🖒

TheDeathSmasher says:

Honestly, out of this Bankai Livestream, I'm not gonna expect much but if it's Manga Round 5, I will be very surprised if KLab brings that out but I'm not expecting any new Manga banners anytime soon. It may happen or it may not happen. If anything, I just want NAD characters to have Flurry and get the stat boost and go over 770 attack to at least 780 or 790 since SP characters already got their big increase in stats.

Styles FS says:

IMAGINE having a Banner with
As Nodt

I mean like…. DUUUUUDE
But this wont happen💔

Otaku Aizen says:


Angelo Carlo Cañari says:

I love u torcrunch 💗💗💗✨

liquidmetal says:

I've always wanted them to release äs nödt. Maybe tybw kurotsuchi as well.


It’s not happening 14/14 manga characters already came out

Herminio Sandoval says:

I want Bankai Yama :’(

NightMare says:

If they do confirm it I can only see them doing 7 or 8 characters which i'm fine with. Yama is guaranteed so is Aizen and the rest of Squad 0 prolly. Forgot about the rest of the Quincies.

Ascended Pigeon X says:


EliteNinja16 says:

Here's the PROOF that Manga Quincy characters are incoming:

-new "no affiliation" killers have been recently released (on ani ulq and tsukishima)
-Quincys are a no affiliation (proof, Ywach is a no affiliation)
-No affiliation killer is practically useless rn so why are they starting to release them now?

What other reason would there be for them to release these no affiliation killers if they weren't preparing us for no affiliation characters?


Vinryl 99 says:

I really hope they make round 1 manga characters to come back because i saved up 2,800+ orbs and i have been saving up orbs for shunsui because I want him for mainly everyday as my main character to play as becauae hes my favorite character and captain in the show and in the game so if they put shunsui back, Im going in for him

Live Legends says:

We better or im not comin back to bleach cause the normal characters pale in comparison to manga and that makes the game boring heck manga round 1 is better than new regular characters we hv now

Chocobo_09 says:

I really want bambietta

Bhakta Ale. says:

does manga aizen going to come in bleach brave souls in bankai livestream?

Halil İbrahim Eker says:

I just realised that the moment you opened the bbs page, the top right picture with bbs chars, includes bankai yama picture ?? wait a damn minute

Abdul W says:

It's just speculation guys so please don't rage if there are not announced. This is usually the outcome when people have high expectations for things which were not even promised in the first place

hennry king says:

Im willing to drop 15k orbs just for aizen

Gabe Barber says:

If there manga round 2 that just means at least 14 more manga characters I cant get.

TheAnimeKing says:

Imagine “Manga Round 4 part 2 Nanao, Mayuri, Aizen, And Rose”
Edit: Shinji would be cool but every time we saw him in the Manga his ass got taken out early

steven smith says:

Well last September they announced round 1 so I'm pretty sure we will get more manga announced at the livestream

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