Bill Tull's Budget Cosplay Tips – CONAN on TBS

Bill Tull's Budget Cosplay Tips  – CONAN on TBS

Even though it didn’t air during #ConanCon, our insanely cheap propmaster demands his Comic-Con® advice be heard.

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36 thoughts on “Bill Tull's Budget Cosplay Tips – CONAN on TBS

Antonio Botello says:

The last one was a cracked up, "BOOM: THE FORCE HAS AWAKENED".

Richard Roopnarine says:

Get a pencil, stick it in your eye, boom Cyclops

Chris Chavez says:

Grab a hammer, look really handsome…boom thor 😂 cracked me up lol

Zachary Miller says:

Reminds me of ron Swanson

Moo Moo Puppy says:

How can he shave with the long Wolverine claws?


Conan didn't say anything about the last one 😂😂😂😂😂

Narda Minto says:

Get a hammer,and be incredibly handsome boom Thor 🔨😀

Alika Achong says:

Actually after Comic Con is the perfect time for this-helps people prepare for next year

Edward says:

I just feel like Conan secretly looks down on cosplayers. Then again, who doesn't? XD

mrzoperxplex says:

Please bring back Joel Godard! I beg of you!

Widdekuu91 says:

And for everyone that actually wanted to save money on cosplay: Thriftshops!

There's still too many people that think thriftshops are buildings with flees and old 40's clothing. If you find the right Thriftshop (one that actually adds stuff to the inventory about every week) you can find the most gorgeous and valuable items for the same price as a subway-sandwich.
So far I've payed 6,84 (dollar) for a medieval dress, made from real linen. I've paid 35 (euro's) for a húge vintage bridal gown, similair to Ariel's teal-dress. Then..another dress that was similair to her teal-dress (I love that dress) for 7,50 euro's. None of these was damaged. And I crafted 80% of my Dovahkiin-cosplay out of Thriftshop-stuff. Probably 50 euro's in total and it's pretty awesome, just FYI.

I love Thriftshops.

Machinedead says:

Go to local fastfood restaurant. Order a bowl of onion rings. Then put an onion ring around each finger. BOOM Lord Of The Rings.

Machinedead says:

Find an Asian-looking dude. Tell him to show you his karate moves then tell him to make you a cup of coffee. BOOM Green Lantern.

Machinedead says:

Dress up as a car insurance agent and bring along photocamera to airport, spot Brad Pitt and take as many pictures you can, make rude remark about breast cancer, BOOM Fight Club

Machinedead says:

Park car on disabled parking space, then quietly sit on top of car for an hour until a tow company comes to tow your car away, then call 911 and tell them that vehicle theft is taking place, BOOM Batman

Wiley E. Coyote says:

You hold a wooden or aluminum bat…BOOM. Batman. 😝

Joel Chavez says:

Wear no clothes boom! The Flash

volikoto says:

Bill Tull is the Best!!! 😀

Nendoroid Squall says:

I wonder how many other cheap ways for a cosplay.

VKJ85 _TeleRiver85_ says:

Bill Tull you're da maan!! 🙂 Always up with some good sh't!

Munish K says:

Tell the camera man to go back… Antman 🙂

shin1300 says:

Instructions not clear Penis got stuck in tumble dryer.

Miko Philo says:

Why did I think this said something about Bill Cosby?? lol

Bogs Binny says:

Best skit ever.

Donnie_Trump2020 says:

get a black girl BOOM storm

Amrit says:

these were actually quite funny

xcross20 says:

be me in bed BOOM quicksilver or flash

Electro Belton says:

Find a lantern and hold it. Boom, Green Lantern

TubeHax says:

One of the best bits in a while.

The1AndOnlyGoldenboy says:

Thanks @Team Coco for confirming what I already knew. Bill Tull is just as straight-forward and badass on stage as he is in the back.

Stephen Morris says:

So Bill Tull really isn't a actor! Who'da thunk.

MiotaLee says:

The antman killed me

Alexis Garcia says:

Get drunk, have sex with a transgender. BOOM! Wonder Women!

Alexis Garcia says:

Wrinkle up your clothes, get an iron. BOOM! Iron Man!

Alexis Garcia says:

Go swimming while not knowing how to swim. BOOM! Deadpool!

Alexis Garcia says:

Allow someone to shoot your parents. BOOM! Batman!

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