CAPTAIN MARVEL Movie Review (2019)

CAPTAIN MARVEL Movie Review (2019)

CAPTAIN MARVEL Movie Review (2019)

Check out our exclusive film review for Marvel’s CAPTAIN MARVEL starring Brie Larson and Jude Law!

PLOT: Carol Danvers becomes one of the universe’s most powerful heroes when Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races.

CAST: Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn, Jude Law

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45 thoughts on “CAPTAIN MARVEL Movie Review (2019)

JoBlo Movie Trailers says:

We definitely enjoyed #CaptainMarvel!

Dian Herdian says:

Marvel kapitány (2019)
PG-13 | 2h 4 perc | Akció, kaland, Sci-Fi http://bit.ly/captainmarvel2019fullmovie4k

Carol Danvers az univerzum egyik legerősebb hősévé válik, amikor a Földet egy idegen faj közötti galaktikus háború közepén fogják meg.
Rendezők: Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck
Írók: Anna Boden (forgatókönyv), Ryan Fleck (forgatókönyv) | 6 további kredit »
Csillagok: Brie Larson, Gemma Chan, Ben Mendelsohn

Samual Eley says:

99% of the comments blindly hate the film before it comes out

1% of the comments (Me) face-palmin at it all

Cinema Gallery says:

What's the background music?

Horror GoreHound Game's & Movie Review's says:

Brie Larson stuck her own foot in her mouth and will be the cause and failure of this film,
Thanks in part to her ignorance and uneducated remarks she made on stage.
It's one thing to stand for a ideal or belief that you fully know and understand but….Brie's mentality seems to be, whom do you fight when you don't know who or what you are fighting for.
And for the peanut gallery critic's out there I'm not a misogynist or a sjw nor a troll or racist my belief is this….
I dont choose side's and start wars and speak rhortic allegory and let ignorance spew from nothing with no facts to back it or illfated facts.
I stand and fight for all human kind man,woman,child,animal,white,black,yellow,red were are all in this together let's start working as a team and fight for each other rather than against one another.
I don't care if white men watch this i just don't want a racist,categorizing uneducated individual attempting to sell a movie when in fact she is no hero or role model for anyone.

And for the record the first and original Captain Marvel was a african american woman!

POL says:

Yeaahh done watching the Advance screening Captain Marvel! The strongest Avenger has arrived! Not your usuall copy paste formula for an origin story!! Exceeded my expectations for sure and Wag kayo magpapa late pag pinanuod niyo to , The introduction is a must see as they gave tribute to Stan Lee 😢♥️ and ofcourse, Goose the Cat is deadly and cuteee ♥️😹.

Fahad Amir says:

I definitely enjoyed ALITA… Sorry but I rather give my money to a homeless white brother than this shit. Thanks

MmmmPiePants says:

7 Hugs out of 10

PhantomOfManyTopics says:


Captain_Deception says:

No Thanks, I'll wait to see Shazam! instead.

Larry Villa says:

This looks so generic lol Alita all the way baby!

Joseph Haubert says:

Captain Marvel will be the new leader and reboot for the Avengers from here on out. Iron Man and Capt will most likely bite the dust. Possibly Thor.

K G says:

Not allowed to go see this movie.

ThisIsMurica says:

Looks like shit. Is the most exciting thing in the movie her punching an old woman?

Dmatic 707 says:

White dudes still in their feelings! Lmao! I love it! I will go see this movie twice! Keep crying manbabies lmao

badfoody says:

Corporate Entity tries to pretend it can turn boring background character into their cheap version of Wonder Woman

Dionysus says:

Strictly haters up in here.

Meera's Toned Glutes says:

Jeremy Jahns' review nails it

Victor Pedraza says:

Not watching this

Mediawatcher says:

As always I’m here for the comments

Jamie Switzer says:

The fact that there are still White Male Privilege comments really shows why society needs to change.

Jbarker1983 says:

When will people learn that it’s more “empowering” to just treat a movie with a female lead like any other movie? Shoving your feminist bull shit down people’s throats, is NOT empowering. It’s insulting. Wonder Woman got it right. You certainly didn’t see Gal Gadot running around bashing men.

Angga ZiaQie says:

Wonder Woman is better than this

guybeleeve says:

Mee. Dee. Oh. Curr.

Cade Rosera says:

Nostalgia is not an excuse for story telling. Disney needs to learn this.

Qliphothian says:

I sure hope that the comments section doesn't have an insecure incel in it.

Joeki11a says:

SJW hero that will chop Thanos balls

Alan E. Olivas says:

Brie Larsen has as much charisma as a desk. I’ll pass just like I did Antman 2 and Thor Ragnarock

DDSam says:

Yeah if the first third of this movie is dull and underwhelming, i feel like i might just chuck this movie aside as i believe 1st impressions are important. And i actually think i like other characters intros like Tony stark, Thor, the Guardians, Thanos, etc. more than her and they pass on giving me 1st impressions, with this Carol Denvers??? I doubt it =/


So its actually a 5. Empowerment added 2 points.

James Rennick says:

It’s going to get great reviews because of course it will. Everything (besides the main character) I’ve seen about this movie looks HELLA GENERIC

Movie Vet says:

I wouldn't watch this movie, even if it was free

Rafael Santos says:

Can't wait anymore to see it!!

Cade Rosera says:

You can say it's not a good film. It's ok… Wonder Woman is better.

Brandon Charbonneau says:

I cant comment nor see it being a straight white male.

deltavagen says:

Unfortunately, this movie isn't meant for me, as a man, who is also white.

gutz1981 says:

Alien 40th Anniversary is showing in my local cinema. Guess which one I am gong to give my money to go see?

ultraviolencetv says:

who's gonna watch this?

Raghu Seetharaman says:

March 7th planning to see this film. For me I am excited to see how they will setup the Kree Skrull conflict.

Anđela Joković says:

Can't wait to watch Captain Marvel ❤

Tyson Mario says:

Skipping this one. Alita battle angel for me on 8 of March

Jayden Marvel says:

Uploaded at the exact same time as Jeremy Jahns!

rohit singh says:

How many end credits are there in captain marvel?

Umair Zaidi says:

captain marvel is lub💕💕❤️❤️❤️🤣😄

Arnab sarker says:

1st comment…Now i can Die in Peace 🙂

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