Carmelo Wants To Marathon All The Marvel Movies!

Carmelo Wants To Marathon All The Marvel Movies!

CableTV.Com is offering to pay someone to marathon all the Marvel movies before Avengers: Endgame! That someone will livetweet/stream their experience with the world.

Carmelo wants to be that someone!




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2 thoughts on “Carmelo Wants To Marathon All The Marvel Movies!

James C. says:

Meh! Just another publicity stunt to draw people to a DYING business / industry. Just like that recent comic shop give away SCAM. Let's see, the comic shop contest ended February 28, 2019, but no winner has been announced since then. Something like that would be in the newspapers and on the TV news, but it hasn't. All these comic book shops need to do a Blockbuster and go out of business and die. With digital comics, there is no need for brick and mortar comic shops any more.

jaymoney8518 says:

Good luck Carmelo.

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