Long term Contract?  


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22/07/2018 7:28 am  

Hi Scott. First of all it's finally an honor to come into contact with the great wizard that taught Sakimoto Ayame and Charlie Eastborne. Both have earned a ton of dollars from the past few years because their artwork is amazing. I had no idea you entered the public arena and it feels like christmas.

I love Sakis work, but yours although similar, has a real different, more even and more level colour pallette vibe to it, near as perfect as you're going to get. So basically, I want to commission you for at least 20 images, all mainstream manga, but with your hard take on it. How would we go about this if you were to agree?

Price is no barrier! Just tell me your terms, the price, and I'll get the wheels in motion!

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19/09/2018 3:08 pm  

What are the characters my friend. A full 20 image contract will take some time, are you ready for that? At best, you're looking at 1 per month


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