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Regina (Dino Crisis)  


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17/07/2018 11:08 am  

I'll add another one here, for the sake of variety (and activity). This was partially inspired by Saki's Jill usage, as well.

Since Jill came up, I think Regina from Dino Crisis should have a turn! She'd be great in Scott's and/or Saki's style, and she can be used in as many ridiculous situations as Jill can. Only hers would be more animalistic.

But maybe a basic approach would work here? A POV blowjob on some ridiculous dino cock sounds simple enough for a request (if dino cock is unacceptable, I'd request a bbc because I'm the requester here). To make it interesting, perhaps channeling cues and inspiration from Teruaki Murakami, the mastermind behind the notorious "accelerated" sex scenes of Taimanin Asagi and Kuro Ai, could make the request worthwhile.


(Just to be certain, I'm not requesting an animation.)


Well, another request added. Thanks for looking. Back to your regularly scheduled day/night/[insert time of day here]!



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