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Rosa Pokemon  


Rosa 99
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16/06/2018 5:08 am  

Hi Scot, I love your style and more importantly, your honesty saying you adapted the art style from Phantom world. Lots of artists draw inspiration from others but seriously lack integrity when it comes to addmitting it, i find this refreshing.

Altho this is a character request, I am willing to pay for it. Looking at your price guide I calculate it to be around the $80 mark. Im willing to tip a little extra too.

What I want is teen loli of Rosa from pokemon.

And I want to see her fucked really hard like this...

with maybe two extra panels on the side with boucing boob shot and a penetration shot. The black guy behind is going to be really big, like a giant, full of jailhouse tattoos and really vile looking.

What do you think?

Would you do it?

Member Admin
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16/06/2018 5:19 am  

Thanks for those cool words, I draw in many styles depending on the commission, I do prefere the Phantom World one though because it works for me and is a cool base for me to build detail upon.

Your request

It sounds fun, I will accept this commission. $80 is fine, I don't charge for extra panels only extra characters. Any artist that charges extra for silly shit that's part of the picture needs a slap on the neck with big fucking stick.

Contact me using the contact form and I'll send you a payment link.


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16/06/2018 6:44 pm  

Will this project be public when compete?



Sakimoto Ayame
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11/07/2018 4:50 pm  

I would like to see it too


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