Cosplay Convention 3.0 (Official After Movie Teaser 2019)

Cosplay Convention 3.0 (Official After Movie Teaser 2019)

Cosplay Convention 3.0

Organised by TEAM TRANCE
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In association with ANIME CLUB MANIPUR
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Unpolish Miracle Records
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Quentyn – Moving on ft.Robin Vane

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45 thoughts on “Cosplay Convention 3.0 (Official After Movie Teaser 2019)

Vivek Meiteii says:


Somikanta Laishram says:

After movie c fwba fajare asengba da ywdrsu

Steve Thoudam says:

Thumbnail do knano

LeoSin Gaming says:

Ehh…. Khoi bro tink cool ywre

Lisu chongtham says:

not bad 😃

SJS 彡RJR says:

Neireee bro alex (tink cool)and sis priyanka (pogo Aribam)

Abung Ningthouja says:

Noise 🤣🤣🤣 c reaction se yaodro ???? Pele hey ebo ….. cning ngw moi mayam se ubada eikhoi

Benz Naulak says:

Nier automata omg!!! M falling for that costume

Jamuna Elangbam says:

yam thina mawong tarey sidi…. mathangdadi sungsoi soidana yengba chatke… peisa fana ting asu…. 😊😊

Joyser Newmai says:

Wow awesome 🤗🤗

gg gammer says:


Thangjamang Baite says:

First saw you on this very day. Bro, you look better than the best of your videos in reality.😃

Before this, I was shown your youtube videos by one of my (meitei) colleagues #Khongbantabam Mahesh Singh.
What else to say, i just…..
Love the videos
Enjoy the videos.

Keep moving.😍

Swami Aribam says:

Hanjan2 yeng leire ngarangdei ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Manipur Arnold Tv says:

Neire keino

Lorence chhakchhuak says:

Another level 🔥🔥


Videography 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

paris monk sap says:

I come here for tink cool….

thoi baby says:

Ym fajeiye

Kevin Thokchom says:

Twre twre. Fajare yamna

Meitram Max Official says:

Wow neire 🤗🤗🤗🤗kangleicha

Parithouba soram says:

This makes me feel proud to share with my friends who are from other states

Mack Pixy says:

Amazing to see my own sweet and Lovely jap looking peoples. love you manga love you anime and thank q UM😍✌️❤️

Richard Vaiz says:

Indeed We're Moving on…. Aren't We All 🔥
This Is Splendiferous 🖤

S T V L I N says:

Videography se fajarehe 💥
Valak, Darth Vader, The girl from Neir Automata ❤️

Nivi Luwang says:

Videography on point ☃️☃️

fer konsm says:

This video is on fire its v. unique compared to the others
Its on another level
Its lit🔥 bruh

Va Len says:

Love the editing 😍😍

Also, everyone looks so natural❤️
Looking forward to full ver. 😆

丂 ㄒ 卂 尺ᐯ 尺 丂 ㄒ says:

The videography and editing is on another level keep it up 🙏

Climb &smile says:

Salute all of you UM team🤝

Victo Soibam says:

awsome video …love from team trance

jñjsh Khndrkpm says:

Holy shit !!!did Peter McKinnon did the montage and B Rolls ? Great edit – Great Convention. I missed it though.

saka rex says:


Kat Minx says:

Was waiting for this 😁 hoping for an even longer version.. Maybe the whole event itself 😋

fangidn says:

Yam fajei… Appreciation from Team Trance

bananamilk mochi says:

I would not have believed if my friends dint say this is Manipur video.
Lit!🔥🔥🔥(in short)
Love every part💜

asushil singh says:

Who says Manipur is in last…. We r growing up n dis cosplay is on fire. #loveit #valaktheguitarist 😍



Sushna Maibam says:


Bhaskar Mangang says:

Always lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥 hope to see more lit videos lots of love and support @unpolished miracles records 💯💯💯👌👌

Roro MyBm says:

On fire 🔥🔥

nikheel mayum says:

Just luf it

Ricky Ningthoujam says:

This is fire 🔥

CHALAMBA YUMNAM - djchalambaiv200 says:


Sarah singson says:

i love this💗💗

Phenlung Austin says:

The Nun costume guitarist 🔥🔥🔥

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