Cosplay: Crafting a Secret Identity promo

Cosplay: Crafting a Secret Identity promo

Stream the show in its entirety at:

An upcoming documentary about the skill and creativity at the heart of the Atlanta cosplay scene. From the director and producers of the Emmy and Telly winning “Four Days at Dragon*Con.”

Starring Yaya Han, Grant Imahara, Harrison Krix of Volpin Props, Riddle, Catherine Jones of GSTQ Fashions, Lindze Merritt, Katie George, Fev!, Chris Donio, Darrell Ardita of BGZ Studios, and many more.




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17 thoughts on “Cosplay: Crafting a Secret Identity promo

Chris Noble says:

Just women who havnt got the balls to do porn or be prostitutes. 

SpellboundWolf says:

This looks far better than Heroes of Cosplay.

SnowPulse says:


Akemi Yukimura says:

I wish we could know the exact day! sorry, im just impatient! XD

museluvr says:

Thanks for that info, pba30ondemand.

TheMadEngineer says:

YAYA! So great, they had her on the video twice!

Chibi Okamiko says:

You sir (or miss) are incorrect, I am definitely not a buxom babe myself and I could easily turn my skills into a cosplay career if I turned that direction (right now, it's a hobby). To add onto what Virginia has told you, I know several male cosplayers who have turned this into a profession as well. So, no, it doesn't really have anything to do with boobs.

FatMat426 says:

Thank you very much, I appreciate it! 🙂

ATL PBA says:

video.pba.org sometime in August.

FatMat426 says:

Will this documentary be avialable online? If so, can you tell us the website and/or Youtube channel?

Virginia Pfaehler says:

You are wrong about the majority of these women. Ginny McQueen doesn't have "large boobs" and she has made a career out of costuming. She makes amazing costumes and helps others make them. She's invited to many conventions. Yaya Han does have larger breasts, and she has built a successful business around making costume props, ears, and wings. Those are only two examples out of a multitude.

fozzibab says:

I can answer the question about how it became a "career" for some people: It didn't. It's a short-term stint for chicks with large breasts, and it won't lead to anything more unless they use their time wisely and build up some other skills. The only reason they receive any traffic at all is because men like large boobs.

ATL PBA says:

Con footage in the doc is primarily from D*C, AWA, and MomoCon.

Penpen002 says:

I want to watch this ;_; but in Boston.

Colleen Driscoll says:

What about in Alabama because I'd love to watch this as well

ATL PBA says:

it will be at video.pba.org shortly after the TV premiere.

Devo says:

Ah! It's airing just in time for DragonCon! Is there any way to watch this from Louisiana?… I miss my people.

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