Cosplay Tutorial – Painting a Breastplate

Cosplay Tutorial – Painting a Breastplate

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Hi guys! Here is a quick painting tutorial video for my Wizard breastplate from Diablo 3. It took about 4.5 hours to paint the breastplate and I recorded every step for you!

Sorry that there is no face and voice this time (was in a hurry and still wanted to make this video for you). However I included English subtitles to explain a bit more! Hope it helps!

If you want to know anything else, just leave me a comment! 🙂


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50 thoughts on “Cosplay Tutorial – Painting a Breastplate

Casey Conza says:

You are awesome inspired me to make my son a badass costume thank you

Mhalo Tungoe says:

Can you show how you made the whole costumes please, please … I need a lot of help here.. I need to make this costume ASAP.. 🙏🙏🙏

Manuel Marzinek says:

Aaaaaaaand.. another cool video! Thanks for that! Can you recommend any cool acrylic paints.. maybe provide a link.. that would be awesome! 🤗

Yustin Briones says:

you can make the suit complete?

Moon Knight Productions says:

You're watching Sherlock!!!!!! :3

Rene St.pierre says:

What I don't understand is how you'll make the breastplate stay on your body. I've yet to find a video or tutorial explaining that.

colin Reay says:

Thanks for your help ,I know how it works now xxx

colin Reay says:

Do you have a how to , tutorial of making this breastplate? In any of your books ? As I would love to try and make one

Kat S says:

It's amazing how something 3d can end up looking almost flat without giving it fake shadows and highlights. How that works I don't understand and I have been studying art for quiet a while.

Fab's Creations says:

Your videos are so relaxing to watch & satisfying! <3

Roro kls says:

Instructions unclear husband stuck in the microwave

Tjandralala says:

Dont you need some finishing spray after you paint it? If yes, what spray is it?

ElectroCats UAE says:

hi kamui can i have the list of the acrylic colors that you used, thank you….

XxSnowNinja says:

step 2. DAB

XxSnowNinja says:


Der Yoshi says:

have you ever tried to use an airbrush or a sponge for "drybrushing" the lighter colours? It might be faster to apply the colour but the texture would probably be a little different.

Ron Allen says:

dab dab dab dab

Alicia Loiti says:

contesta por favor

Alicia Loiti says:

qué material has utilizado para hacer la coraza?

FatimaxFlores says:

who is the character

TheAsian ChubbyBunny says:

How long do you wait between painting different shade colours?

Desiree Renkens says:

What brand of varnish do you use to finish your armor pieces? There are so many brands and choices.. and types with different prices.

Talia Skinner says:

Fantastic, thanks so much! Can Benni make more painting videos, please?

paknertwo says:

What color did you use for the fine detail lines? Is it pure white? or gold mixed with white?

Suzie says:

This was kind of mesmerizing to watch, also very useful <3

Dallas Pierce says:

Did you water down your woodglue or what brand do you use? I bought the Elmer's stuff in the squeeze bottle, and it's texture. /:

Krystina Rhéaume says:

which gesso did you used? Mine is not this texture :/

Yeet Skeet says:

What's the name of this song??

Ocean Pirate says:

I have the problem with acrylics that when I paint ontop of a dark layer,when dried the lighter layers are dark aswell! 😮

Onitai Fredoza says:

The dabbing effect is how i paintXD well at elast ive got that down!

theoldglory 18 says:

what is the name of the song?

FezzesRcool says:

How do you seal the paint in so it don´t damage if you scratch it?

Miyume Heart Cosplay says:

xDDDDD point six: a husband xDDDDDDDDD what about if i don´t have one? can be a sister? 😛

BethyVA says:

Hi! I was wondering, can you tell me the things I need to get for making a cosplay? I want to go full out for Otakon next year.

Vanessa Gugler says:

Fixierst du die Farbe irgendwie mit einem Überlack oder einfach nur gut austrocknen lassen? 🙂

Lilya Scarlet says:

Your paint slave husband did a good job! 😀

Lauren Hill says:

This isn't even YOU painting.. look at the arms its a guy :/

Jody Hakala says:

wonderful! I love the details at 4:50 but the whole piece is epic and beautiful and great to say you made it by hand. 

Kristie Bonaire says:

I would love it if you could go start to finish with a project so us beginners could follow along step by step. 😁

titanrobin1 says:

i'm no an artistic person but you inspire me

Stephanie Agten says:

This is gorgeous! can't believe I only just discovered you… I'm not a real cosplayer, but  like to dress up as existing characters for Halloween. Thank you so much for all your tutorials. I love it!

jucalha01 says:

You are the best cosplayer in the world! I just love your work! Thank you for sharing all your knowledge about it! =*

Segurito La prevención del Perú says:

hahahahahah in the final , that's true!!!  and you're so pretty 🙂  !!

PoroKitty says:

Hihihihi erst mal "The Evil Within" im Hintergrund x'D 😀 1:50

Owlco says:

I hope my cosplays will be as good as yours one day !!

sushi girlfriend says:

Kamui, what do you use as base for acrylic paint? 

a.k.a_Hellcat says:

hey, I'm wannabe of propmaker.(sorry, broken english)
your tutorial and props are AWESOME!
thnks for your kindness what share your technics.
if i make some props, i will share a information of prop making like you.
have a good day!

NerdyGeeky says:

Absolutely amazing! Again, thank you for the tutorials, these will be in my favourite videos for a while 🙂

Segurito La prevención del Perú says:

You must upload more videos Kamui I love your prop's videos 🙂 Very niceee !! See you :3

Emma Eriksson says:

wow this is amazing!

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