Deadpool vs Anime Expo 2018

Deadpool vs Anime Expo 2018

Deadpool makes his annual return to Anime Expo to have fun with all the cosplayers and attendees! SUBSCRIBE TO D-PIDDY …


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28 thoughts on “Deadpool vs Anime Expo 2018

Havoc The Alpha Wolf says:

Deadpool: no

Jsms101 says:

5:12 best pose evuuuur

Mugi Kotobuki says:

2:35 half of the viewers came down right here

Holden Oversoul says:

3:08 u see that Yuri I was her

The Dark Knight Guard says:

Why is it always the dogs

James Dragon says:

Do ppl actually report him to event staff for help?? 5:56 if so, LAME on them

Ygor Gemes says:

2:52 kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

memebell says:

What is that staff members problem it's f**** Deadpool if he had his machetes with him he would slice everyone's neck don't mess with my little Deadpool see a Deadpool right behind me and she's f**** me

Braian XD says:

Rico 7u7

Charmalarma says:

The last part though

Sleepy Ash Cosplay says:

I think that t-shirt girl is his relative or good friend

Throw Pillow says:

Are you friends with t shirt girl?

memes are a payne says:

I saw rYuKo

Bell cranell says:

2:35 really my dude

eggy_ boi says:

5:54 how old is she?

Valentine Child says:

I wish i went to anime expo but its too expensive aaaa

Puiwai Fung says:
Cangul Sen says:

Omg sow fun

XlxGod_of_Gaming says:
Gaming & stuff says:

AWWWWW the dog scene at the end SOOOOOO CUTE

nerfboss205 gaming and gun games says:

It would be so cool to see you at Dragon Con 2019.

米豪雅 says:

who is 2b cosplayer

MadJack says:

2:55 😏

ghostkilla931 says:

Da kill la kill cosplays on point

Ko Ta ro says:

1:30 NANI!?

Failed says:

I get it why he said jump XD

Becky Lynne says:

Jessica Nigri!!!

YouKnowWho says:

Who is the girl at 4:24?

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