Detroit Become Heels Cosplay Shoot: Behind The Scenes

Detroit Become Heels Cosplay Shoot: Behind The Scenes

Here is a little behind the scenes video from our Detroit Become Heels shoot with JJ (aka quasar cosplay, that RK900 In Heels cosplayer!) Ty, and Maximilian.


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35 thoughts on “Detroit Become Heels Cosplay Shoot: Behind The Scenes

Lois Milligram says:

I need whatever pants Maximilian is wearing

softly depressedTM says:

the height differences astounds me

Elisabeth Eimburg says:

Damn Maximilian's legs are so beautiful

freddie witt says:

the one dislike is amanda

Katie Butts says:

no hetero but like Maximilian is gorgeous

papa bear says:


River Love says:

This made my hecking day

Addie Quintana says:

This video cured my depression.

Kkaebsong ArmyLife says:

I'm s o f t

PJ McJamma says:

Love. Love love love love love love! Those heels that JJ first wore are for a true master diva. And he killed it.

StormyStrikesChannel says:

This is like my favorite thing

marie ivan says:

My babies are rocking heels

Julia Castro says:

that one dislike is cyberlife

Aum45 _pastel says:

All my boys are here💕😍😋

Orange Gopter says:

You guys look great in heels. Work it!

Sans typeface says:

Funny how I still look short even if I wore heels cough Ty's height cough but I feel as tall as Max

dana rusnak says:

how the hell Maximilian just look hot as hell and fabulous in this red heels???? and, of course, Ty seems to become my crush, YOU ALL ARE TOO MUCH FOR ME
can't wait for another part of awakening!

Anyanka says:

I love how short ty is and how giant Maximilian is 🤣♥️

RiLi.VII Emporium says:

F a s ta

lazy fangirl says:

I love Maximilian in heel highs because he just wasn't tall enough. The heels make his legs look fabulous

SquishCat says:

they have nicer legs than i do lmfao

Matryoshka says:

Here you go y’all ✉️✉️✉️✉️ Y’all invited to my funeral, is today at the end of this video. See you there.

Faolan the Alpha says:

2 Nines and one Gavin? I've seen this before and I'm not proud.

The Ark says:

Aww, our boys!

Alessandra Souza says:

Omg JJ here soo cooool 😍😍

Lonelion924 says:

The amount of pure height that maximillion has in heels is intimidating as hell

piper says:


Niamh Rooney says:

Does that mean Ty and Maximilian’s fusion would be wearing heeled crocs

Kathi Maja says:

I was grinning the whole time watching this. Loved it!

Kawaiiju Cosplay says:

Now this is the kinda local cryptid I'd want to find in the woods.

Tess Thompson says:

Ok, imagine Gavin and two RK900s fused together…

Кира Буслаева says:

Totally love these guys and your brilliant work💜

P.S. Greetings from Russia and sorry for my broken English😅

Tipsy Trueheart says:


Smiley Tree says:

If I could frame this video and hang it on my wall I would. Leonardo Da Vinci could never omg 😂

Mika Renya says:

Awww look at my babies ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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