Disney Infinity Combat Animation

Disney Infinity Combat Animation

Here are a bunch of characters I animated on Disney Infinity 1 and 2. This is predominantly combat animation. Mostly this is a collection of playblasts from Maya of combat animation in the concept and blocking phase of animation. Many of these are in stepped mode as that is how I prefer to work when concepting out animation. These playblasts are to show in dailies and get feedback. Typically I don’t do a second round of playblasts after splining and polishing the animations, so to give a more accurate idea of how the animations ended up I captured the same motions in game. Plenty of these animations never made it through the concept phase so this is where they will rest in peace. I should note that I was only responsible for animation. I worked closely with the FX guys to get it to look like what I wanted but that was all them.

1. Captain America: Credit to Nathan Lindsay who did a lot of concept exploration on Caps combat, especially combo 1 and combo 2, but these clips and captures are all my key frames…with the exception of Combo 3. Combo 3 I re-purposed from a motion Nigel Style did for Draxs’ combo 2. I ended up reworking in quite a bit so it would look right with Captain America and work with his shield and rig, but the motion came from Drax.
2. Hulk: Everything is my work with Hulk but I have to give credit to Nigel for the idea and a couple of poses for the combo 5 Macho Man body slam.
3. Ironman: Ironman changed hands a few times. Thomas Estrada did a lot of initial concept for Ironman before rolling onto something else. These animations are all my keyframes with the exception to Ironman’s ground pound. Our fantastic intern Allen Ostergar did a great first pass at it. I changed and reworked enough after he handed it off to me that I felt like including it here, but the guts of this animation are his.
4. Spiderman: Nigel and I split Spiderman…I think I went on vacation for a week once and while I was gone some deadline came up requiring more work on spiderman than my empty chair could provide… so Nigel jumped on that grenade. However everything you see playblasted and captured here is mine, but if you play the game you will see some of Nigel’s sick spidey moves.
5. Tinkerbell: I took this fairy completely in the wrong direction the first time and had her dancing and pirouetting all over the place like an Olympic ribbon tosser. Once I put it all together it felt completely wrong, so I redid her in a more feisty slashy attack way.
6. Thor: I did a lot of work in the beginning and the end with Thor, but one of our newest animators Inho Beak did a lot of the splining work. Great job Inho! All the blocking and concept playblasts are my work. He splined my blocking and then I took them back over and took them to polish.
7. Venom: Venom was all my work, except I think when I originally animated him either his rig had no tongue or it had so many controls I decided not to touch it since there was no way it would make it into the final game that way. In the end, probably during another vacation , I suckered Nigel into animating his tongue…he loves Venom anyway.
8. Aladdin: He was all mine, but after all was said and done Nigel volunteered? to go in and add some more street rat character flourishes at the end of the animations…however I didn’t capture any of those and none of that is seen here, but if you play the game and then patiently wait after each attack you’ll eventually see them!
9. Helen, aka, Elastigirl, aka, Mrs. Incredible…known by all three of those in various parts of our pipelines naming convention. At one time I had more playblasts, but I couldn’t find them…her unfriendly rig stretchiness was all me.
10. Bob, Mr. Incredible was our first avatar in Disney Infinity 1 and we spun our wheels quite a bit trying to home in on how “toy-like” our animations should be. Here are the most relevant of his combat exploration…but there was an awful lot more I did…and yes, most of them were awful.
11. More random Disney Infinity 1 avatars. Combat wasn’t as prolific in Infinity 1 so there is not as much to show. I did more work with other mechanics as well as enemies
12. Disney Infinity 1 Enemies. I animated all the Omnidroids, besides the tank. The three that you see here are the Melee1, Melee2, and Ranged Omnidroid. Thomas Estrada did a fantastic job on the Omnidroid Tank, which is not captured here but you can find him in the game. Thomas also did a lot of initial concept and exploration on these guys, but in the end the rig and design changed so many times that we ended up going a completely different direction. Everything you see on these shots is mine….actually with the exception to Ironman’s animation of his rocket attack that blows them all up. That was Thomas Estrada.
13. The last shot is from the Disney Infinity 1 Announce trailer. I was only responsible for the Omnidroid tank

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