Disney Will Make R-Rated Marvel Movies – Movie Talk

Disney Will Make R-Rated Marvel Movies – Movie Talk

Today on Collider Movie Talk, Mark Ellis, Coy Jandreau, and Jeff Sneider discuss the day’s hot topics in movie news, including:

1) Lauren Shuler Donner Confirms Fox Marvel Movies on Hold; Wants X-Men Franchise to “Evolve”

2) Disney Will Make R-Rated Marvel Movies

3) New Missing Link Trailer Further Reveals LAIKA’s New Comedy

4) Billy Eichner to Write and Star in Universal Romantic Comedy from Producer Judd Apatow

5) Live Twitter Questions

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43 thoughts on “Disney Will Make R-Rated Marvel Movies – Movie Talk

Dumbo trilogy says:

Nope Disney will also play dirty. Disney is playing dirty.

Wraithflaire says:

I would use the unsnaping to introduce X-men to the MCU.

Martin Windi says:

Coy, you're not in the speed round. Love seeing you anyways!

Blacklily Orchard says:

what am I hearing? a bunch of people encouraging bad Deadpool movies. They DO need to be R rated. There does need to be ridiculous unapologetic violence. That was the appeal. You guys are getting old. I'm older than all of you probably. listen to your elders.

Roberto Duque says:

Tim Hortons is in Canadian Cineplex Theaters

Darren ‘obi-0ne’ Wright says:

Steadman documentary ! I’m in for that hell yes

Jacob Anderson says:

you heard it here first, Rocha stinks! haha , but coffee and donuts too me would be the perfect movie snack for sure

Ryan Aggabao says:

Sweets are mostly underrepresented at the concession stands, I'm guessing because of all the boxes candy. I say bring on the donuts & churros.

Bryan Sowder says:

Remember when we were blessed with having Schnepp on Movie Talk all the time? Let's have his protégé on Movie Talk all the time too…More Jandreau…all the time!!!

TrueFatherSankofa says:

the love story between Banner and Betty Ross in Incredible Hulk I felt was touching and I dug the relationship between T'challa and Nakia in Black Panther as well

Jared Bennett says:

haha, loved Snider saying 'denoument', thats just perfect, glad you called that out Ellis

The Question says:

The MCU X-MEN needs to start with the Original 5 X-MEN as a movie. Save Wolverine till later. The fact Wolverine is older but can still look somewhat younger than his actual age due to his healing factor could work out great. They could still cast a actor under the age of 40 years old.

Cameron Geiser says:

If we have to have Snyder on, can we please make sure to pair him with Coy from now on? Coy's positivity and all around good nature help to level out Snyder's smarmy ever-present negativity…

Greg Bond says:

The X-Men have to start with the prof and the first five, then bring in the international X-Men with the second movie.

Shaka Jamal says:

Good to see Coy on Movie Talk. Keep that same energy 🙂

TheClit Commander;pX says:

I'm more stoked to see the Fantastic Four/Silver Surfer/Galactus in the MCU. I really don't care to jam the X-Men in there as well.

Andre Aroyan says:

"You see, the quesadilla is a silent nacho." – Coy

That line made me laugh. I had never considered this fact. Thank you, Coy.

eighties73 says:

I could understand not getting comic book movies but Jeff just seems to have a hatred of them.

SuperKing604 says:

The X-men are loosely connected to racism really it was just people with powers going on adventures, it's easier origin story if people are just born with powers rather then having to make a origin story for each person. don't add all this new sjw stuff into the new marvel x-men movies please!

Justin Clowater says:

I would love for more Coy on Movie Talk when available. He's great.

Nazeri Maldonado says:

We need more coy on movie talk

Jones206 says:

Ryan Reynolds needs to stay as Deadpool!

AZAZEL says:

First one has to be an X23 movie. We already have the character & young actor. Plus, you can introduce 2 or 3 other new castings into it & go from there.

Lachlan Olm says:

"This has become a heros conversation", well duhhh Jeff

c rod says:

He thinks gay sex is exciting????? WHAT??????????????

c rod says:

Coy needs to replace Rocha ASAP!!!

Cam M says:

well they should do an R rated mutant masscre xmen movie my favorite xmen storyline and in order to capture the true brutality of that story I think an R rating would be best……….maybe you could do a hard pg 13 but it you might have to water some things down to the point its not as good.

Paul Warren says:

None of the things about movies that bring joy to me are enjoyed by Sneider, yeesh! If it wasn't for Coy I would skip this episode even though the topics at hand are radically interesting (R rated Fox/Disney movies!)

Christopher Moccia says:

Jeff Sneider makes no sense, "If I had kids I'd know if a movie is appropriate or not?". So by that logic you will need to screen every movie before you let your kids see it. Maybe they could ad a new rating in between R and PG13, but the ratings are necessary for letting us know if a movie might include something that our kids aren't ready to see. Sure as a parent you can use your own discretion to decide if a movie is appropriate, but a parent shouldn't be shocked if they take their 10 year old to Deadpool and are like WTF is happening here…..

Jesus Ortega says:

Talking about dimensions. Makes me wonder if future MCU movies does feature X-MEN with AVENGERS

milo bans says:

Cool nerds love it 😊

HenryDavidT says:

Jeff is totally right. INFINITY, while decent, was a rip off; it's only half of a movie. That's an early 20th century, cinema serial formula. And, like him, I prefer the X-men characters better, as character and cinematic plots go. Much more issue & character driven, as opposed to the almost entirely CGI-driven Avengers movies (but Winter Soldier was a good one)…

bamm86 says:

I agree that this panel was a great combo. You guys all mesh super well. Coy and Jeff seem to really get along and sit at opposite sides of most subjects while still totally understanding the other and Mark being the host to keep it all going just worked out great. Movie Talk is best when it FEELS like a real conversation as opposed to people taking turns telling their opinions.

Tracy Hutchings says:

re: movie concessions – i don't know if i want coffee; feels like i might pee too much. [forgive me]. but cookies, cookies yes.

Cat Man says:

It's great for gay people that they have gay rom coms. Not my bag, but glad more types of people are catered for.

Martin Moore says:

The very first time I saw an R-rated movie is way back when I was a least 10 years old when I first saw it on TV and then I saw another R-rated movie in theaters.

Martin Moore says:

I found some of R-rated Disney movies including Down and Out in Beverly Hills, the very first R-rated Disney movie.

However, the R-rated movies are the adult thing.

They're NOT safe for kids, unless they're at least over 17+ or company by a parent and/or a legal guardian.

Kevin Myers says:

Shocking….Jeff didn't like a movie!!

Rob Thompson says:

The UK Film censors didn't reduce the certificate for the Once upon a time Deadpool movie and although it was toned down it was kept at a 15

Dayna Wheeler says:

Quesadillas are silent nachos is the best thing ever!!!!

tonybcamara says:

Great show. I like to see Coy more often and great to see Jeff. I think coffee should be in all theaters! I really liked the rant on concession.

MVG says:

I have to agree with the other commenters here. This panel is great.

MVG says:

Finally! Somebody on a Media Talk channel said it. FOX did a few great movies featuring mutants, but they have yet to make an actual X-Men movie. Other than Deadpool (he can exist anywhere), Feige shouldn't connect his X-Men films to anything FOX has done.

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