EA is in HUGE Trouble… and

EA is in HUGE Trouble… and

EA is in HUGE Trouble… and Star Wars Battlefront 2 is the Reason Join my official Battlefront 2 Discord here: Follow me on …


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43 thoughts on “EA is in HUGE Trouble… and

Kyle Sutton says:

They are probably thinking they'll net more profit anyway despite the fines.

Joaquin Da Silva says:

I am not buying BFV because the beta was nothing special (specially compared to COD4/Blackout) and also because the BF2 fiasco last year. They took advantage of Star Wars fans and pulled off the greediest loot boxes they could have. I am done with EA.

eddy1367 says:


John Sullivan says:

EA fined 1.5 million euro? man they could literally wipe their ass with 10 times that amount. their yearly earnings from 2017 was like 5.5 billion. however I dont know if that will save them from getting prison time. that would be funny as shit to see andrew wilson get hard time for his unchecked greed.

Stephen Parallox says:

EA = Exploitative Arts

ladsrus says:

As much as I hate them, pretty sure EA are not gonna be affected by this.

Their legal department budget alone is probably larger than Belgium’s entire GDP ?

Bismarck says:

I would like to see these legal problems with lootboxes spreading throughout the world. These companies are more interested in having an easy and steady source of profit than in offering a stable, long-term quality product. Even if they want to sell dlcs or season pass, they will first have to captivate the player's interest in . It is a matter of cause and consequence.

Damn sense of pride and accomplishment! Fuck these microtransactions!

gary hall says:

being fined a million is a fraction of what they earn from fifa so why would they comply? fine them 150% of what they earned from fifa gambling if you want them to change

William Williams says:

Battlefront 2 could have been the game we originally wanted/deserved…but they don't have half the game it should be…

studster87 says:

Ironically, this channel is called battlefront knight, which I thought was a channel dedicated to battlefront…..im jus glad I was wrong n that this channel ISN'T biased towards the franchise

joevsyou says:

2k is more funny. They are pleading to their users to complain to their government to stop the law ?

Xarx says:

EA shouldnt keep the star wars license. All they did since they have it are 2 god damn star wars games. 2! And both games are from the same franchise… Sorry, but thats just not worth it for battlefront.

Christopher Lane says:

Dirt nap?

DopestDope says:

EA killed MASS EFFECT with their impatient greed.


The title….and here is the TREASON THEN

Azai Kyousuke says:

Whilst the sense of justice in me definitely wells up, I'm worried that EA will simply throw innocent developers into jail and the people actually responsible for the decisions and greed will still keep on going about their business. While this has the potential to finally nail EA to the wall, it can spiral into something that will only punish people who have no choice in the matter.

Robert Brans says:

They don’t give a shit what Belgian wants. $1.8 mil is nothing to them it’s like when ford decided that paying the law suit they’d eventually get for not putting seatbelts in their cars was gonna be cheaper than adding the seatbelts notice how ford is still around. Killed hundreds of people faced a law suit for it and ended up paying less money than if they had added it to the cars. That was over 50 years ago. EA saw that they’d get a lot more profit keeping the boxes in than they’re gonna loose to a law suit they’re making a good business choice which is why I say fuck EA which sucks because they own the rights to all sports, battlefield franchises and battlefront franchises you can’t help but eventually feed into their pockets it’s a god damn monopoly. They’re not concerned with the consequences of their greed because the punishment is nowhere near the severity of their crimes. They’re gonna walk away on top and all of us are gonna suffer for it. It’s bullshit

Gggleplus Suxx says:

As long as their main cash cows (sports titles) are up and running, EA will continue as ever. Don't get too cocky over EA's supposed "failures".

Even if BFV fails spectacularly, there would be only a correction of their stock, to be followed with another bull market. Sure it would hurt EA, but bring them out of business? Their model is far too profitable to die.


They're saying micro transactions are a form of gambling? Might as well shut down the apple and android app stores? all jokes aside good vid

Monty P says:

the way you describe EA using BF and anthem as a way to shadow their intentions, but ultimately giving into it for Fifa is very comedic. EA is a bunch of tools, hope they get slapped with a juicy fine bigger than their profits from fifa

Joisey says:

Can you imagine being an EA developer who goes to Europe on vacation and you wind up being arrested and put in jail for peddling childhood gambling? EA might be facing a "talent retention" issue soon.

TheMantuxasLTUGAMMER says:

ok this is good but… one country created a law wich applies to rest of the world?

jordan rendell says:

EA should straight out shut down, let DICE handle things

wr4th1800 says:

I boycotted ea ages ago, Its a shame the star wars games are run by them as I love star wars.

Black Knight says:

4:27 it’s not balsy, it’s just stupid.

Connor Brooks says:

A criminal investigation?! You’ve got to be- ppl it’s so simple if you don’t like loot boxes there’s a very simple answer to the problem, DONT BUY THEM! If you buy a loot box then sure it could be considered gambling but do you know what gambling and boxes have in common? Two things. It’s your money in the first place and nobody is forcing you you to buy them! God just freaking let it go, it’s been a year and still ppl won’t get over it bunch of toddlers if you ask me.

Battlefront 2 Mods says:

The one time I agree with the EU.

mercentin says:

EA your just a big mistake to gamers out there

Ivan Škaro says:

''EA is in HUGE Trouble''. Lol, when they aren't? THey are in trouble for nearly 1 year.

Matthew Warren says:

even if they dont out right take away the license i wish they'd at least take away the exclusivity of it and allow another studio to do something with it. I really would love to see another proper SP kotor/mass effect style Star Wars game. EA has made it clear they dont care about SP anymore.

Hakultair says:

Your numbers on the fines EA could face are off. Fines could reach up to 10% of their annual turnover. EA made 700 million $ from lootboxes alone in FIFA last year. 10% of their annual turnover could exceed well over 100 million dollars.

ashley sims says:

the non compliance was straight up yank argontce no offence

KayosWONER says:

its not a federal law, that would be an american law its some random country law that EA doesnt give a fuck about, pull out a map and look at how big Belgium is.

rickyay26 says:

Kill everyone who works at and for EA. Kill them all. Hang their children and wives. Torture their children and loved ones for generations to come. After which we will be happy.

The FishIsFish says:

hhahah I'm belgian and find it hilarious hahah guess I'm not playing FIFA any more

GiJewTheRealHebrew says:

I feel so bad for DICE they are being held prisoner by EA, DICE could do great things if it were just themselves. I hope EA doesn’t destroy DICE like the rest of the companies they took over

Z. Zauxst says:

It still amazes me that after so many years people still buy EA games …

Companies with shady practices should be totally avoided by the consumers. EA is not shady anymore it's the gaming pleague…

Animations but made by an asian says:

also ffs can y'all stop hating on ea you literally just have to play to get shit, you just keep on fucking them over not letting them update jack-shit, so tbh you're the problem.

Cameron Reis says:

Can we just get a good Star Wars pls w more heroes we actually care about pls. Or is that asking too much?

Jason Kiesling says:

Thank you for your Journalism. EA, Military Industrial, DNI, CIA, DISNEY and the Defence Department. I see TV, Video Games and public education as forms of child abuse. Belgium's Legal Standards is perhaps being used by an unknown third party. Is it just another under the table corporate war. Fifa and Sepp Blatter. Disgusting greedy people behind the scenes all playing games. VERY ALOT

Riku Forsman says:

I seriously hope their Star Wars license will be taken away. BF2 isn't that good that I would really miss it. On pc it's still buggy and very hard to find multiplayer games. Usually takes at least 3 minutes to find a game when in games like Titanfall 2 which is pretty old already you can find a game in 30 secs.

Jessica Jones says:

They probably just think that the FIne Belgium gives them will be eaten up by the people buying the lootboxes in other countries.

Robbie 148 says:

As soon as I saw this video in my recommended, my response was similar to when I see my little brother with a guilty look across his face. Sigh "What have you done now?"

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