Ethan Hawke Desperately Wants

Ethan Hawke Desperately Wants

As more and more Star Wars movies get made, Ethan gets more and more upset that he hasn’t been cast in one yet. More CONAN @ …



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21 thoughts on “Ethan Hawke Desperately Wants


Ethan hawke watch prequel and clone wars is better than original and sequel trilogy


Do like Star Wars prequel and clone wars tv show

M H says:

You can't. You are a straight white male only wookie maybe

Ilang Ilang says:

He's so nice and intellectual.

Jransom says:

Episode 8 is ass

Christian Stoleski says:

starwars sucks now

Steven Sanchez says:

He has a problem with superhero movie but wants to be in star wars?

christopherxiong says:

"I'm too old to play Han" man, that makes me sad.

xanxusprimo702 says:

I guess Ethan Hawke didnt learn his lesson in Gattaca

Kenny O'Connor says:

Snoke prequel since they failed to explain the character in any way. Ethan as young snoke?

Eric P says:

Ethan was badmouthing comic book superhero movies, and yet, here is wanting to be in Star Wars…

Herman Falck How says:

Rian Johnson. Give this man a call. Too late for episode 9, but the Rian Johnson trilogy is gearing up and will probably be EXCELLENT!

Frak The Gods says:

This guy is a pos. He thinks Logan is a bad movie. What a joke. F this guy.

Dan Man says:

Star Wars is dead. Disney killed it.

Cameron Radaszewski says:

Love this actor so much, let him be in a damn star wars film!!!

Yaseer AlKuFi says:

1:06 damage control at its finest.

Patrick Todd says:

Get this man in a Star Wars movie.

Anton Massey says:

He is too good for those movies.

Vodkainum says:

Conan or Andy will be in a Star Wars movie before he is.

IDiggPattyMayonnaise says:

He should play Lukes long lost brother, Jeff Skywalker or Barry Skywalker or Kenneth Skywalker. And he could be Reys dad.

Shadow Heart says:

Any idea what role he would have played in Independence Day? I hope it wasn't Goldblum's part.

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