EVERY TIME I Run This Program!

EVERY TIME I Run This Program!

I wrote code that would publish a 5-panel comic strip with alternate stories all using the same set of panels as data. I drew all the panels and created the iterative …


Whyt Manga


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29 thoughts on “EVERY TIME I Run This Program!

Whyt Manga says:

Here is the thesis: https://goo.gl/5zg5g7

Spray - Anime says:

own by Whyt Manga-sensei

ValasaFantastic says:

This is interesting but I still prefer a set written outcome decided by the human writer. It’s also way more work creating all the alternate options and the quality of the art would suffer. I see a regular cohesive story as superior. At least in my opinion. I like to rewrite and do alternates of my own stories so I understand that desire. However I am actively writing those alternate stories myself. I tend to actually not like leaving decisions especially artistic and creative ones up to a machine to decide. Having said that I love to DM and play D&D and my current campaign is very determined by random rolls and cards chosen from encounter and treasure decks and it has been crazy fun! I have to say the players and I create and steal after the dice throw randomness at us and I personally pilot the monsters, NPCs and events that occur. I wrote the D% charts and determined the parameters as you did. Well in the end this is very creative I think it’s more fun as a game than as a finished ‘proper’ comic/manga project. In the end I actually feel a bit conflicted! Also the video sounded a bit like you bragging about your time in college/university and had a lot of technical talk. Your face emotes were nice and as always your voice is very enjoyable. Keep up the great work!

Masoma Ndume says:

When the dude with the face mask blow the 3 eyed girls head off lmao that's my favorite

Norori Tetsu says:

Hey can you do another video on cloths for both female and male if you have can you link it

Zack Edwards says:

Really like the implementation of an avatar. Just makes sense for this channel. It's like you're the great OZ bestowing wisdom unto all of us. Looking forward to more videos! 👍

NEXX says:

I'm interested in how you draw mouths.

Stan Smith says:

This is a really cool concept Whyt, I had an idea of making "alternate ending comics" and this makes it alot more understandable instead of making the reader chase different pages. This is really innovative, I hope you continue to polish this and get it going, it would be huge! Loved the vid 👍

Chaos Tool says:

Won't there be alot of scenes that don't fit together? Or can you input some rules?
For example if character X and A are introduced, following panels have to include A and X while also blocking panels that focus around characters B, C, Y and Z?

Louis Jones says:


NeNeL DaNiaL says:

Animation of your face make your video more appeal! Hope more content from this channel

TZann says:

Looks to me like you assigned each image a variable and randomized the order to fit a five panel build. C++ or Java? The syntax is basically the same besides the Object Oriented stuff.

But if I were to guess, this code definitely wasn't purely random. You needed some order to make the stories more or less coherent. So you probably constrained the images to separate pools. From there, your code randomized which path to take which selects a specific pool of images. From there, you select from that pool of beginnings, middles, and ends which generate random, yet interesting story concepts.

Definitely a linear runtime. Sorry. Your cool idea activated my lowkey nerd.

Evil Smith says:

Dude. Whoa.

Horizon Williams says:

So close to 200k subs, you deserve it!!!

Omega Music says:

This randomness reminds me of Cards Against Humanity, lol in a good way

E Castro says:

This is a really dope experiment. Always cool to see the many talents of great artists, manga maker and coder, that's a sick combo lol

ReblazeGaming says:

I love this but anyone else feel like Whyt should give his character a body?

Colorblind Creative says:

I am ready to partner 😛

AmaLlama says:

Thanks I really appreciate this! I am a programmer by day and by night I practice my art skills and have lately been dabbling in animation! Hopefully when I am confident enough I can finally upload an animation on youtube, and keep doing it so I can see my progress and improvement

Dr. Chidori says:

Who else still wants "Candle Jack" to come back. Only Ogs will know this. But for real tho if you read this manga("Candle Jack") it has like anime level potentials may be it's just me but that's how I feel it's like it's mature but not too mature it's like right in the middle there I don't know how to describe it but it's something that I would have watched or read in like when I was like in 100% percent otaku mode like back in 2009 I will still read now but what I'm trying to say is that people my age back then now(teenagers now who are into mangas) would love it….I don't know man it was just amazing you know when characters have masks on it gaves you that sense of intrigue even tho you know who they are.I really hope Whyt can re draw it one day.

ass hole says:

I likey

♕мαxιмσυs♕ says:

love the style of this vid!!

Dan Sigh says:

You must be filled with a Ton Of DETERMINATION

AmplifiedAstroid Minecraft says:

Can you do another video on architecture in manga? Pleaseeeee

Deku says:

2:34 "The same univorse"🤣🤣

Brittney Hill says:

I wish I was good at drawing😢

Allen Childers says:

Like a comic strip version of a D20 ! Sweet!

Ducky McDuckface says:

2:14 sad nibba hours

Ak Senpaii says:

how do I get to see the panels?

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