Everything Wrong With Star

Everything Wrong With Star

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is one of the most divisive movies of the 21st century. Most people either really love it or really hate it. But regardless of which side you …




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29 thoughts on “Everything Wrong With Star

mark borishnikoff says:

they went easy on this movie.

P H says:

CinemaSins missed the most stupid point in this movie: The (only) justification by Yoda when he shared why Luke acts so stubborn and stupid to want to kill his own cousin. I mean WTF – please let the actors and creators of GOT handle the storyline – they wont mess up the star wars universe

P H says:

worst star wars movie ever. They should rather strategically write 10 books and create a full star wars universe than changing it with every film. Learn from Harry Potter Saga and Lord of the rings or GOT.

Logan Weitzel says:

21:0021:10 LOL EVERYONE

guardianoflife says:

You missed how Finn threatened CPT Phasma with a blaster in the previous movie, yet in this one blasts bounced off her armor–the same armor she was wearing before.

Nice catches with UHF and The NeverEnding Story!

Joe Finley says:

And I'll be that guy…I think anyone who vehemently hates this film has problems with self-awareness if they think it's about the quality of the movie, since there are plenty of people that love it and actually appreciate the changes and decisions made. Sorry if your butts got hurt, fanboys, but I like this film more than any of the prequels.

Ted Leather says:

Rose should have sacrificed herself for the resistance.

Lego Filmer0606 says:

I feel like the only reason Leia survived being flung into space by an explosion is because Disney wants to kill off one OG hero per episode of the sequel trilogy

Furebel says:

Guys, this has so much shitty arguments, that it is clearly satire of all the haters. Good job people, you've been trolled by your own blind faith.

Angel Fernando Vega says:

They mentioned fuel in the clone wars series and I really just want to hate this channel because this is just toxic for many’s people experience but it is the truth I have seen that this channel isn’t the bad and you should me some stuff that this movie did wrong like the physics at the beginning but I think the most fucked up is when the purple head girl just traveled to light speed and destroyed the ships in real life it makes sense but in there inverse there’s shields that you can’t see only when fired of course it’s like a blue color but yeah

Highice007 says:

After watching Star Wars: The Last Jedi, I've really learned to apperciate the better quality and superior preformamces of The Star Wars Holliday Special. Life day, Wookie living room porn and whip whip stir.

The Sam says:

There’s more things wrong..

Retroid84 says:

This didn't feel like a Star Wars movie at all even with Leia Luke & Chewie in it! How can you fuck up so much yet get paid so many $$$?!?!?!

ghostdog2041 says:

Beautiful 21 Grams reference. And another Benicio movie!

neHCuoHEpa8888 says:

Am I wrong or Ben should know this planet and island? He learned on that planet from Luke the Jedi stuffs. I think it is normal if you search Luke to check this place. Is this a sin or I missed something?

Isiah Denmeade says:

You missed the obvious Independence Day tie in with Randy Quaid's suicide into the cannon/ Finn's suicide into the cannon.

ithpally says:

This movie made me miss Jar Jar. Thats how bad it is.

hoodaticus says:

For Sin 29, the reason fuel is a problem now is because a woman is driving. The only other mention of fuel in star wars was Obi Wan buying fuel, which obviously is something Lea and Space Princess Tumblerina should have done.

David Shen says:

0:22 weird camera zoom

Krit Kat says:

16:06 my reaction too

EGALE says:

How was the prequels two parts each but this, garbage dumpster only gets one. Lowkey why I kinda stop watching cinema sins, you give the new trilogy way to much credit

Mason of Germany says:

1:49 Uh, if what you said were true, how are the people inside the ship pulled towards the ground then?

HardRockRock12345 says:

In terms of existing Star Wars movies this is a really bad movie. It looks good, the action scenes are alright but it just throws away the common sense of the characters and story for some plot twists.

I was excited for this movie because of The Force Awakens, it's not the best Star Wars movie ever but definitely not bad either. They should have made Rey have some kind of character arc and weakness. They made her too strong without an explanation. Also they should have explained the lightsaber as well, it was handled poorly. Other than that it built up hype for Snoke very well, Kylo Ren was an awesome villain in the beginning scene but lost it's intimidation after he started acting like an angsty teen and lost to a beginner. The ending of The Force Awakens left me want to know what happens next

So I was hoping that The Last Jedi would have fixed Rey's background and explain her powers by her origins or something. Instead we got an explanation of her parents being nobodies. Making it even worse, at least before there could be theories around the power.

They wasted the opportunity to have Luke Skywalker in their movie. Instead they had this grumpy old geezer who didn't remind Luke at all. Movie should have started with Luke explaining what happened, Rey talking him to come fix things with her and train her. That simple.

And Rose and Finn side quest was pointless. Like for real, write better. Rose as a character was just not suitable for Star Wars.

Leia should have died, not hating on her force power but if they don't already have filmed material with Leia for the next movie idk how well they can handle writing.

And then the big plot twist of Snoke dying. He shouldn't have. He was the most interesting character of the new trilogy. And he got wiped out. What should have happened is Snoke being disappointed in Kylo Rens earlier defeat, he makes Rey duel him for her life. Rey wins and Snoke tells her to end Kylo Ren, Rey does it and falls to the dark side. This would have been truly interesting turn of events, though it would have needed more writing behind it to be believable.

Then in the end it would have been Rey vs Luke, and a shock to the rebellion.

It would have been more interesting setting to go on the the third film, now I don't know what to expect.

Mr. Bicentennial says:

He gave this movie less sins than the fifth element…..unsubscribe

Tharindu Mathew says:

The prequels actually had a story.

Mikey Martin says:

5:09 So Now Leia Has A Little Bit Of The Force? It Was Giving That In The Original Trilogy That Leia Would Have The Force If Something Happened To Luke, But Luke Didn't Die At That Time So What The-(Ting-Sin Added)

General Zod says:

New tactics, just build heavy empty ships. Then just hyperspace ram all the other ships. Too bad no one thought of this before.

Aidan Barnes says:

the #1 thing wrong with The Last Jedi is the annoying fans complaining

T Mox says:

General Hux is so Weasley (see what I did there?)

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