Family guy Italian stereotypes compilation

Family guy Italian stereotypes compilation



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26 thoughts on “Family guy Italian stereotypes compilation

bruh says:

Nelson:"Here comes a greasball!"
Luigi:"Hey, Luigi bring-a you kids-a pizza, why-a you gotta make-a fun?"
Way better than all of Seth Macfarlanes super obvious stereotypes
Edit: Go watch the clip its old simpsons not the new garbage they pump out week after week.

Ookke says:

Peter! Louies not gay he's… creative…!

Jenkyndor Official says:

Anyone known the song at 1:30

Evan Romito says:

As an Italian, I can confirm these are accurate

смертный приговор says:

Ahahah…Fuck Italian assholes,🖕😁🖕

black panther says:

Absolutely best thing about italians are the old gangsters with grey hair, dressed in tank tops and with chains, or with a bowling shirt blouse on it, or with jogging suit on it. It can be only better if they beat up some wise guy, and they are talking him some smart deep shit, while he gets beat up. 😂😂😂

Arthur Morgan says:

1:26 Spider-Man ps2 pizza theme.

EOT— says:

I’m italian and i dont find this offensive at all, actually i love it, of course its an exaggeration but thats what humor is about, only love for family guy

Jorge Luis Nieves Figueroa says:

Italians are funny

Ryan Mahoney says:

If Apu was canceled from The Simpsons for having East Indian stereotypes why does Family Guy get away with Italian stereotypes.

Either it's all okay or none of it is



Deepak Kamat says:

50% of my ear enjoyed this.

Giovanni Quindìci says:

Babada bupidi bubidi babada!
Da italiano confermo tutto, noi parliamo così e ci mettiamo pure un bell' "HEIIIIIIIIII! "alla fine di ogni frase.

Uri Rapps says:

'Peter Griffin and a random Italian'

Blood hound says:

Boopadeeboppa! Boopadeebopadeeboopa!

Blood hound says:

“Foofy. Up to the knuckle. He’s a backwards mechanic. Likes to play in the dirt.”

bikara0 says:

2:05 I love this part 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️ MA, I'M SORRY MA!!! MA!!

Dinkle Farts says:

Hey, Family Guy. You're lucky I got a manicotti in the oven, or I'd bash your head into a bolognese! That's two kinds of food. That's how angry I am!

Due Lune says:

I am italian and this cracks me up! Peace ✌🌹

SgtBaker16 says:

Nice to know Seth hates Italians as much as I do. Too bad he's a smug left wing douche.

Jazmins Husband says:

0:48 Spider-Man 2 pizza theme

JS Johal says:

He was dirty ma

Jesse Lioce says:

*italian american

MrStefano218 says:

*southern Italian stereotypes, and most of them are the stereotypes of southern italians from northern Italians prospective…

Duck Rapoport says:

Love how peter sings the spider-man 2 pizza theme

Mamo Rot says:

Stereotipi del sud italia ,come i red neck in usa .NON I CLASSICI STEOTIPI ITALIANI MA SUD ITALIANI

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