Family Guy – Leeroy Jenkins WOW Parody – 1080p

Family Guy – Leeroy Jenkins WOW Parody – 1080p

This is a parody of the famous WOW – World of Warcraft – Leeroy Jenkins video which is famous to any gamers and truly legendary.
This was from Family Guy – Season 16 – Episode 14 which aired April 1, 2018 which finds Cleveland, Joe, Peter and Quagmire as forced members of the Coast Guard who are attempting to foil a terrorist plot by frat boys.
To see the original Leroy Jenkins video you can watch the Youtube video titled “Leeroy Jenkins HD 1080p”





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26 thoughts on “Family Guy – Leeroy Jenkins WOW Parody – 1080p

Remi and banana life Remi and banana says:

I subscribe your turn

Nicholas H. says:

wow lois this is freckin epic

Bihte Stuff says:

I know it's an outdated reference, but I do find it funny that they made 3D animations with dragons for the sake of this gag.

Toastey AF says:

All this highly educated individuals in this comment section, only laughing about the truly best and most interwinded burlesque you can find in these modern days of playmobil humor … what are you doing here? Don't be an annoying snob and just dont watch it. Not everything has to be highly polished social critical satire, now go smell your own farts for your highly demanding sense of humor.

Wobuffet3 says:

what other kind of internet stuff is in this episode?

Echo203 says:

It's as if Seth Macfarlane googled "memes" and after scanning through KnowYourMeme for a few minutes, settled on this one from 2005.

Mick Vang says:

They made the black guy say Leeroy because he has chicken.

Coincidence? I think not.

JamesStarkweather says:

Really scraping the barrel, eh, McFarland?

Fesco says:

the leeroy joke never gets old
leeroy Jenkisns forever


Merapat gays 😊😊😊😊👍👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏vjjkk

FrozenOlafNick says:

I love this video! It's hilarious!I also love your channel! I subbed to it , and even hit the bell to be notified when a new one comes out! Hopefully you can post a new video soon! Keep up the good Work!

Andriev Bastichy says:

i cracked up. when he asked.. 😀

Ragu inacan says:

This is hilarious, the rest of you are so negative. Just be happy, is not that hard.

Austin Sadler says:

This gave me or a loved one mesothelioma and I may be entitled to a financial compensation

RonnyWho says:

this is terrible

Westile says:

This makes me want to hurt people

Alexander says:

ugly parody with a uckin timelapses in 5 years

Johnny Ambush says:

When warriors could still use guns

Sam the Angel Fox says:

Seth MacFarlane just proved how old his audience is with this scene

Payo's Girlfriend says:

to anyone that knows the meme, this is pretty cringe. super forced, no creativity, and the meme is like 15 yrs old

Rick Sanchez says:

Only took 10+ years

CaptnDomDomYDG says:

Fucking gay

Joyson Wildhart says:

whered they get dragons? lmao

Lucia says:

So Peter is a warrior, good to know. xD

KuuzGame10 says:

I mean its a blast from the past. Was funny when it first came put for like a year then died… after all southpark did someething unique with it tbh.

Vagabundo says:

reference failed cause they are lvl 110

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