Family Guy – Stewie and Brian Go To India

Family Guy –  Stewie and Brian Go To India

Family Guy – Stewie and Brian Go To India




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32 thoughts on “Family Guy – Stewie and Brian Go To India

Ricardo Lemus says:

they shouldve throw a joke about people with mutations

Ozukum Aolong says:

1:57 😂 damn joke's on point…..

Vick Sosaa says:

He said her name is “ dot “ 😂😂😂😂😂

Black -Senpai says:

A cabb with less than 9 people 😆😆😆

Karl Manginsay says:

Indians are good with tech but bad with hygiene

Saul Goodman says:

India is the
dirty Comfort room
of the world.

Wolf Khain says:

Smells like incest, it's lovely

Snehil weniwe says:

We don't do shooting in the school

Mondez Durden says:

consuela does not look anything like jeb Bush's wife.

Hans says:

2.4K Indians couldn’t take a simple joke lmfao

YMS says:

Send bobs end vagena

Thepowerlies says:

Brian at his finest

atharva Nigam Varma M m says:

Man, this was accurate.

Johnlow Dickson says:

India is a shitty country

brian hixson says:

Just Googled up Jebs wife lol HILARIOUS !!!!

Dinar Sinaga says:

There's gonna be a whole of bunch t-series fans there in india

Booker The Wolf says:


So true lol

isee deadlymosh says:

this seems about right

Canale Dani says:

Going to India and not to drink piss of indians mother (cow ) com on😂

Kody Lynch says:

Brian be bullshiting his mother name was buiscut

Blu Krane says:

0:10 fucking hell! I hate when Brian gets a girl!

Lil Toby says:


We Got Next Forever says:

Deuteronomy 32:39 KJV – 
39 See now that I, even I, am he, and there is no god with me: I kill, and I make alive; I wound, and I heal: neither is there anythat can deliver out of my hand.

John Gamez says:

Everytime i come to the comments their is always a line or phrase from the clip and when i read it the characters say is.

George MMA says:

When they arrive in India that smell is so true!

Ashesh Dubey says:

On a serious note. The only inaccurate thing was Taj Mahal in New Delhi😂

Ranel Gallardo says:

I’ve talked with people with Indian tech support people and during loading times I ask them if they’ve ever been to the USA, a lot say no. And I tell em all the good stuff you can see in America

SpiceYourLife says:

"hey everyone, thrnguyninotld you about, Bryan. HE'S TAKING ME TO INDIA" in other circumstances that is like a husband and wife situation. But I don't know what to think in this case.

gang stalked says:

Who wants a bj?

Nostrodumbass 8 says:

Kinda went deep their on William Shakespear. Like the men he services. 😂😂😂

Jeff O says:

What’s her name dot? 🤣

ChunkyYetFunky Yep says:

I'm in India
Well, I'm going to get an English muffin
Ha, I like this historical jab

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