Family guy Stolen Movie Scenes -Family Guy-

Family guy Stolen Movie Scenes  -Family Guy-

Family guy season 17 episodes

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36 thoughts on “Family guy Stolen Movie Scenes -Family Guy-

Savage Fire67 says:

Yo pinned this family guy is the best

Mandiaye Thiombane says:

which show/movie is the last one?

Alexa Ng says:

Show me all of the previous Programs reference to Family Guy.

superbray 1 says:

What about Family Guy copying the scene from Silence of the Lambs when Chris dances like a transvestite like in the movie


We need part 2

Penn Cartoon says:

That last video was funny hahaha. "CALM DOWN STEWIE CALM DOWN! "

Kimberly Mission says:

Awesome! 👏🏻

Melwin Olsen says:

Good bye terrible women

David Szakacs says:

Demi was such a babe until she got old and married Kutcher

Imperator Androniucs says:

Is something wrong with me if I liked the scene where Peter crushes the kids than the actual scene

Mr. Fahrenheit says:

Amadeus scene?

Midnight Club Still Cancelled Soz says:

The Naked Gun one was good imo.

shanae davis says:

What's the name of the last scene😂😂

Kyrito 641 says:

Thumbnail at 3:49

Animeattacker Anime like says:

That last one was funny

Weltschmerz von Gavagai says:

Steal, purloin & pilfer

l Anonymous I says:

What is the movie at 0.46 seconds?

Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth says:

Love this!

Jacob Monzon says:

What's the cop siren one

Laura Leigh says:

Can you do a few more of these please?


3:55 that shit is Dark…

CC Elite says:

Now this is idiotic. Lol

CC Elite says:


Louis Jones says:

The clay couple scene was hot then family guy comes along and totally ruined it dammit seth.

Seth Burgess says:

What is the one with the police car

Tricky Niky says:

They do almost a dam good job just like the films!

Nicarrasco iturrial says:

Its called tribute

Rated X says:

We got the rest of our lives ahead of us peter pushes off cliff

Mr. Tonight You says:

Reference guy.

Jalen .12 says:

2:22 What movie is that

Ganon01 Ryan Outsen says:

Peter appears



Xavier White says:

Dang they really stole these scenes

Tonio C says:


Xavier White says:


Luke Melvin says:

Good vid

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