Famous Leaker Reveals NEW

Famous Leaker Reveals NEW

A famous and reputable leaker has revealed new Star Wars Battlefront 2 Clone Wars DLC details including teases about General Grievous, the new large scale …


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45 thoughts on “Famous Leaker Reveals NEW

Luís Silva says:

Even though we are not gonna get a new Arcade mode, with complete maps and with 20 v 20 matches, there is a modder doing 25 v 25 matches on his own…


How DICE doesn't improve the team sizes and the maps in Arcade, after they said in Feb 2018 that they were working on a Offline game mode for us to "fight larger scale battles in PvE with both Troopers and Vehicles", it's just unacceptable.

Brandon Forsythe says:

If they bring in Ventress with Ahsoka I can already see what one of the possible banter lines would be Ahsoka: "If it isn't the hairless harpe" Ventress: "Skywalker's little pet" that's my prediction but far as all of this other info I'll believe it when I see it.

J B says:

I just want to see galactic conquest. Is that too much to ask for

Aidan Plate says:

CONQUEST like command posts pleaseeeee

Pyro says:

This could’ve been the biggest game in years, but some fucking how they fucked it up. One fucking map added in almost two years

Legion says:

I'll beleive it when I see it.

All I know though is that we shouldn't have to beg for content that should have been in the base game and that was in first 2 base games and for half the price.

All we know for certain is that the content on the road map isn't all the content that they're gonna release as they did say that there's more that's not on there of course that "content" could just simply be a clone skin with a bandage on it's arm for all we know.

Personally you know what I would love and that they could add to Geonosis….hunt mode in the catacombs with zombie geonosians it would be scary as hell and probably a lot of fun.

xtron45 says:

TaKe It WiTh A gRaIn Of SaLt

WR3X Cardinsls says:

I would only want Ashoka and Ventress if they were in a padawan class for reinforcements strong reinforcements but weeker than heroes

Jonathan Davenport says:

Conquest from classic bfI and bfII was the best!!!!!

Svartalfgeist says:

How can you even still get excited about this game?

ElBoyoLoco says:

I'm all for Ahsoka and Ventress

malfieri760 says:

You take it with a pinch of salt, not grain lol

Emmanuel Coleman says:

I might of missed it but what are the enforcers on genosia going to be

PAP0 says:

Kermit the frog here

Kindred 315 says:

I HIGHLY doubt it

Jaing Skirata says:

The only thing that makes this game playable is the modding community. They've single handedly made some nice content without us even having to ask for it. Time for disney and ea to sell up and go home

Angel of corruption Lucatiel says:

I'm still wondering why you guys haven't moved on too another game, I love battlefront 2 aswell but it's not worth it anymore.

Barth vader says:

They just need to hurry with the dlc

CryptTV Biggest Fan says:

(Leak 4 battlefront 2) general grievous is coming to battlefront 2, u heard it here first ?

millan wood says:

I am looking forward to the new Sith and Jedi and the capture the command post mode and assaulting a capital ship in space hopefully u can enter and sabotage it from the inside as troopers and Jedi. or Sith that would be so cool like darth Vader at the end of rouge ? 1 I also want obi wan and Anakin to have there Jedi robes on so they look like proper Jedi knights. I am also looking forward to dooku useing a red lightsaber and lightning on the battlefield. after its all out I wouldn't be surprised if Ashoka and assaji ventress are next in line as they are clone wars charcters and were most active in the clone wars.

CaptainMyCaptain says:

What’s the Capone Wars? ?

Fire Storm says:

Tgey both hold 2 lightsabers

Fire Storm says:

Asoka and assaj is perfect

Simxn says:

Do you think were getting phase 1 cloneskins from attack of the clones you know those simple ones with collor around his helmet would be cool

Jacob says:

Probably another shit skin for the clone troopers like commander neyos battalion something no one has asked for

Anthony Tam says:

Do you think we will get private matches like one on one or coop online

Christian Vergara says:

Next time when start new star wars game start with clone wars and make things better not making to much mistake I wish we had every thing from the movie

ManofSteel says:

We where promised a large scale offline mode added to arcade! We are all waiting Dice. Battlefront 1 had one!

xxxCODExxx1 says:

We've been talking about clone wars news for almost a year and so far Dice hasn't given us jack shit except recycled original trilogy dlc and sequel garbage knowing damn well people just want clone wars.

Steve Stevenson says:

Take this with a grain of salt seems to be bf2s favorite fraise recently.

Daniel Solis Rodriguez says:

Conquest mode, whats happening whith dice to tribute the original battlefront 2

Uber Gaming says:

We are going to Ahsoka for sure. They can't bring black the clone wars TV show, make a clone wars dlc and not include Ahsoka

Daniel R says:

I know it'll never come but Utapau and the galactic marines would be huge. Don't even need mundi, just those two things would be great.

Shayne Thomas says:

Until offline content comes, I'm not getting another EA or DICE game. Playing this online is a nightmare.

Jasukai says:

they literally said "large scale mode" …… and then they keep it to 40 players which in my opinion they should at least make it 50 so 25 for each team but honestly i was hoping for 35 on 35 so 70 players in total

ChubzR16 Channel says:

“That’s the opposite of what the saying is”

Brent M says:

I don't want to quit on the game, but match making quit on me and there is no sign that EA has no interest in fixing this issue that many of us are experiencing. I'm on PC in the US and the only game mode I can get into is GA when clicking from home screen. I use to get into games fine. I did an uninstall and reinstall and match making hasn't worked since.

CKR says:

I wish we got a star destroyer map. Less like Jakku and more like a boarding party just like BATTLEFRONT 2 OG

ltlocus says:

super speculations

mikeroberts117 says:

Eliminate dodge roll! Everyone spams it! Most annoying thing ever!

Lucas gamer Soteriou says:

Is this for seson 4

Theoret1cal says:

Well it was “confirmed” that DICE employees working on BFV came back recently.

Mr. Steal Yo Girl says:

Wait so if some_info's informer has moved onto BFV, then how does he know if the Maul skin is not coming?

Darth Rennaker says:

I wish I can believe this but I can't all this game has done is disappoint me, I want to love it but I was loyal to this game since launch and all it has been is disappointing.

Matthew Aguilar says:

Star Wars: Speculation Wars a Star Wars story out now

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