FAQ Mondays: Beanies & 5150s & Marvel Movies

FAQ Mondays: Beanies & 5150s & Marvel Movies

Lets celebrate Monday the best way we can: with coffee.

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49 thoughts on “FAQ Mondays: Beanies & 5150s & Marvel Movies

Connor S says:

About the favorite Marvel movie question; mines probably the 2003 Daredevil movie. Even though he's not really part of the modern MCU

Big says:

I’m still a huge fan of the OG Iron Man from 08. It’s just perfect.

xsonicassassinx says:

i STILL have a chain wallet.

xsonicassassinx says:

cap 2: winter soldier. bucky is bae

Erik Sonnenfeld says:

Any thoughts on the new Moon Tooth record? I can't get enough of this band ever since you recommended 'Chromaparagon'. Thank you so much! Keep it up! Love from Germany!

Taylor Stone says:

What do you think of the 15/7W Orange Dark Terror?

Isabella Catherine says:

7:39 "Sompare" You ARE human! I'm kidding. It's endearing. Thank you for ALL the videos, Fluff!

elgoog kcuf says:

i still have a chain wallet. chain is shorter and smaller and less gowdy

Marc Rontsch says:

Dude thanks so much for answering my question re jazzmaster noise. Sadly where I live, not much of an opportunity to sit and try things out, so we rely on opinions and perspectives of others. Love from South Africa dude!

K-OS of Dead Reckoning says:

Get the Fortin Zuul! Best noise suppressor on the market! When upgrading to the Helix that is the only pedal i kept to tame my EVHs!

Jeffery Carel says:

Is the Fortin Zuul and Fortin 33 overhyped?

norriszappa25 says:

The 5150 and 6505 are the same amp. They don't sound different at all. I've used both badge variations in combo form for years and they sound exactly the same

Aaron Morrissey says:

Have you tried the blackstar ht metal 100 amp and if so what do you think of them.

Redbeard says:

THEY'RE CALLED TOQUES! It's a toque, not a beanie! Canadians should know, we have proper winters

Trev V says:

Damn those Beartooth tracks are wicked

Jeremy Kimbro says:

Wait a second… are chain wallets not cool anymore?

Lou Aguado says:

I wear Bennie's at work because I have long hair and tuck it under. It's hard finding ones that fit well. Our struggle is real! 😅

Trelly Whatoname says:

Endgame is probably my favorite. I love that movie so much

Cameron Lawrence says:


Matt Keuler says:

Slurred speech? Is that Irish cold brew?

The Don DeLuxe says:

Wearing beanies indoors is kinda douchy. A top hat would definitely be classier.

Timothy Couch says:

Samurai guitarist already has a relish review and they are sick you should go check out his vid they are really cool guitars that wont break the bank to badly

I Stabz says:

that 1 spec. on your beanie's killin' me..ocd?..no, not at all!!

Christian Jorgensen says:

Fat wreck is one of my favorite labels as well

Adam Fox says:

As my Yiddishe grandfather always used to ask me, "Vhy do you vear a hat in de house? Vhat are you; religious?" (He also used to call comic books "joke books" and thought they were "junk".)

Speaking of which, it amazes me how many metalheads are so unfamiliar with the greatest comic book of all time: Heavy Metal. (The movie had a great soundtrack but never quite did the comics justice.) I discovered HM when I was in 9th grade, and never bought another superhero comic book again after that—other than the occasional oldie picked out of a vintage bin.

InkyPunk says:

Earache had the best metal bands in the 90s

KaldDodeGitarist says:

Ok. The 5150 is the same as the 6505. The 5150II is the same as the 6505+ USA as far as circuits go. I can't speak for the Chinese made ones. And I've owned both the 5150II and 6505+ USA. They sound exactly alike. If you are stuck choosing between the 6505+ and the 5150II, and money is tight, go for the 6505+. If you can spring for the 5150II, it's pretty cool to own that piece of history. But don't fall for anyone telling you the 5150s are better. They're the same as their counterparts.

Cody says:

Thoughts on the Sterling By Musicman Albert Lee model?

nick wilson says:

Is the focusrite 2i2 bundle a decent choice for an ampless budget setup? Apartment noise is an issue and i just want to record ideas on guitar and bass

Tyler Schubert says:

Still have a big ass wallet chain haha

stoneyvision says:


Greg Merritt says:

Marvel movie: Captain America:Winter Soldier. Record Label: Amphetamine Reptile or Mansruin.

trevinormatt says:

I'm with you on Infinity Wars. There's something about watching the bad guy win that's really satisfying every now and then. My other pick would have been Dr. Strange.

FutureV says:

first guardians movie saw it in the theater and homies was crying when peter reached out to gamora/his mom at the end

Bronzesnake says:

An excellent full hollow body that won't kill the bank is the Casino. I have one and it's amazingly versatile and sound awesome with two P 90's.

Dig the channel beard dude.
Jack – Canada

Miguel Fabrega says:

Ben Weinmann ESP semi hollow body with the fishmans and evertune bridge. Amazing

Max Scardanelli says:

"I also have a massively large noggin". – Fluff 2019. #relatable

Brandon Hancock says:

You said you were a big fan of Fat Wreck. Are you into a band called the Flatliners? In my opinion, one of the most underrated bands that ever graced that label.

Dennis Ross says:

Got my 5150 mint for $450. Gotta love Facebook marketplace.

Father and Son Sports and fun says:

Fluff i wont to know if you can review the Boss Micro BR_ BR 80 i really trust your. Reviews. I would like your opinon. Thanks fluff love you man

Rooster 7six says:

I love Paul Rudd also but Ant-Man just doesn't do it for me. I love you man i must've seen 1,000 times. Infinity wars pissed me off too. They have Thanos held down I'm saying sweet, cut his arm off. Nope. They just keep trying to pull that damn glove off. Guess that would have ended the movie too soon though. Part 2, Thor cuts his arm off. WTF

Wak Job says:

Netflix Daredevil ftw.
Netflix mcu is great.

Blaze Gulisack says:

fav and least fav 6505/5150 family amp?

Alexander Siegel Music says:

Winter Soldier or Thor Ragnarok probably the two favorites

R. Nashoba says:

Hello Fluff,
Have you ever had any ear abuse from Australian band Bloodduster? …if not song named (Metal as f@#k)
Hope all is well my friend 👊🏽

dutchyfresh1 says:

They say bigger the head smarter the guy.

A L M says:

I wear fleece beanies because they don't itch, I have a whole took collection and no bodies impressed until I call them beanies then everyone is like "oh dude your hat is so rad"… But you'd never catch me dead in a watch cap….

Lee Bruso says:

I'm 46 and still rock a chain wallet. 😎🤙

kevinfeatherstone says:

EVH LBX mkII is my favorite Lunchbox at the moment. how close to a Soldano SLO are those Original Peavey 5150"s? I just ordered the Synergy Soldano Module.

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