Fortnite on an INSANE $20,000

Fortnite on an INSANE $20,000

The only thing better than Fortnite, is Fornite on a $20000 gaming PC. (Disclaimer: $20000 Gaming PC will not immediately make you a better Fortnite player) …


Unbox Therapy


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47 thoughts on “Fortnite on an INSANE $20,000

Unbox Therapy says:

Shout out to Xidax PC for this insanity, show them some thumbs on this video for such a fine piece of machinery

thx guys!

Chord says:


Taimoor Sultan says:

20000 dollars for a pc that runs fortnite on 4k with epic settings with a 100 fps sigh i did that with a 1100 dollar pc build. laughing emoji.

Insanefire 10 says:

when you have an amazing ass gaming PC but ur trash at fortnite

Miss Tootss says:

What monitor is that _

Cesar Gutierrez says:

Ayyyy tú no mereces ese poder >:”v

edgar novo says:

give me une

Danieliyo punto rojo says:

Maricon de mierda gritas mucho tienes una poya en el culo ?

Shy Bones says:

Spend 20K on PC.

Has a no skin…

Brandon Gaming says:

Yea yea it can run fortnite but..can it run roblox

Abdul-M_Skills says:

1v1 me bruddah

xFireStyle says:

Yeah but can it run minecraft??

Kartik Halkara says:

Please also play pubg

Vertilogy says:

Build maybe?

りゅね says:


Trophy Taf says:

Can it run pong though?

tim sinatra says:

so jelly

Tricky Akshay says:

Can i Play Pubg in 30fps

Ingimar Skjóldal says:

$30,000 ?✈????? ?? 8698691

Chιmεrα says:

You had csgo to play tho…

JustIn Town says:

20,000 FICKING (I meant to spell it that way) FOR A GAMING PC THAT ONLY RUNS 120 FPS??????? ARE YOU HIGH??????????????????? BRUHHHHHHH

TheA15995 says:

Level of success in Fortnite = function(computer specs) … …

Hrithik Sharma says:

20k pc setup and still playing kids game

GamingCrunch says:

But can it turn Minecrafts blocks round??

Hussein Rima says:

Plays fortnite on a 20K pc and gets only 120 FPS average ?? ??

Dylan Charbot says:

I started playing mon ps4 pulls out xbox controller

Laura Lee says:

$20,000 gaming pc but only 120 FPS

jaffar ali says:

pay 20.000 to have best set up dont make you good player

Luis Luviano says:

I wish I has muney to buy a gaming pc ?but I have no muney to buy one

Freezehelmet says:

Using a 20,000 dollar gaming pc just to play fortnite is a bit wasteful if you ask me.

perrita feliz says:

My recordad of kills is 15 and yours plis answer me

PlatonicCompound says:

OMG that was me at 5:46

Frankito 3101 says:

para q pc si eri malo en fortnwite

XxCola_ShotxX Boom says:

You wouldnt mind sending me a gaming PC LOL?

D0GG0 says:

Why get a pc that good just for fortnite ?

sakin batur says:


Demon says:

i wish i could get only 1.

Caden Lamb says:

Such a noob

boy craft says:

It takes a lot of practice to win in Fortnite

Saiesh Audi says:

Play more games like pubg etc or call people like shroud ninja etc

tgp the people gaming says:

Plays on 20,000 pc doesn't have a skin

Toasty Wheat says:

You may have money….. but not skill

Gaming Life says:

it's kinda stupid if you ask me, a 20k pc for Fortnite

Weeaboo Genji Main says:

The ultimate stretched resolution…

فهمي كتاني says:

If I had this amount of money I would've run a business.

Khaled Muhanna says:

while im sitting here with 2k wins and a $500 pc

Lukas Mrazik says:

Can you give me that pc please? I dont have any i write that on horrible tablet 🙁 be a men that gives a present

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