Giving Strangers The

Giving Strangers The



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43 thoughts on “Giving Strangers The


Acting is bad

Usama King says:

Give me PlayStation 4 please I don't have any PlayStation sir


Can you give a poor guy a one plz like me 🙂

JOSGAMER 1233 says:

I want one ;-;

ManuxX__ says:

Give me one xd

JM entertainment says:

I also need a PlayStation

Mohamed Ahmed says:

Ooh an fortunate I don't have any PlayStation,but I have laptop Lenovo Windows 10 and I play every game like pes 18


Wish i could be there

BrX_Clan says:

Salut je like et je m'abonne article ton concept te est trop fun j'aimerais trop être en Amérique mais je suis en France mdrrr $$ 😇

TimeLessHD says:

after this vid it left me a Smile in my face 🙂

rizwan ali says:

Give to your subscribers please

Ninjasmart says:

Its a waste to give it to the women, girls dont play on ps4's

RaeZax says:

i would have done more digging so people who rly "need" it get it.
neverless i wish u all good karma

Unknown Forever says:


Paikea Keane says:

I have an xbox but I wish i got a ps4 to play with my friends

Hasan Gülasar says:

you could at least detect people who are in a misery situation. 😉 maybe the kids in the child protection agency 😉

Otacon MY says:

Its juz usd300 in US rite? Really cheap, but why it looks like a very expensive to own it??

Mxolisi Magubane says:


Tristan John Gapuz says:

I wish im there

Playtime says:

i want it too… i wish i was there

shine beautiful says:

I wish have ps4

Dubbed Clips says:

I want This Playstation
I always wanna play But can't afford
Iam From Pakistan. And I think you can Be easily send it one to me plz???

Future Imperfect says:

Well shit… I gotta Gamecast.

Ali Haider says:

i like your video now please give me one only

Ali Haider says:

you have big heart man

Ali Haider says:

holy shit

Ali Haider says:

are you serious

Ali Haider says:


Ali Haider says:

please give me ps4 spiderman

GRIMEX says:

Gotta go out.

Shanu Likku says:

You are the man👍

A D says:

I love ps4 but I'm not buying

Ha 89 says:

Why can't I have one😞

Realmoney Quan317 says:

Damn i want 1

X and j anderson says:

can I get a ps4 I. love your videos

Lan Gaming says:

I really want a PlayStation 😥😥😥

Alcka Kalrøsson says:

i wish i was there but maybe those guys need ur ps4 more. god bless you

Alcka Kalrøsson says:

watching this has made my day.

Super User says:

Very nice.

Qhaiguez 1809 says:

nice guy

Steven Reynald says:

1:47 HUG REJECTED!!!🤣🤣😂🤣🤣

derrick skyler says:

I hope in kenya we had someone like daws😔😔😔coz its so expensive to get it here😔😔😔

Tiffany Jade says:

Daws hook me up man!

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