Gohan SSJ2 Transformation

Gohan SSJ2 Transformation

Gohan SSJ2 Transformation Anime Manga Comparison 孫悟飯スーパーサイヤ人2 – アニメ 漫画 Dragon Ball – ドラゴンボール DBZ Cover: …



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23 thoughts on “Gohan SSJ2 Transformation

Luigi Player 14 says:

Cell’s chin is bigger in the anime

Miguel Merino says:
Julian Mejia says:

The manga didn't show gohan from the front? Good job from the anime then.

Frawliet says:

Toei did a great job by adding he scene where Gohan's tears dry and he gets ready to let go. It makes all more powerful.

VintageSaiyan says:

Then they ruined their awesome job by adding 10+ mins of stupid screaming/shaking in the next episode.

TerenKanan says:

That's not the scene Gohan goes SSJ2 in tho, in the anime.
In the anime he goes SSJ2 in the next episode, in a powerup that isn't in the manga.
"TELL THEM TO STOP IT!" Hair flips up, Muscles Grow, Electricity everywhere

Nabeel Khan says:

gohan surpass everyone in dragon ball super new series 2019

goku super Saiyan god says:

Very nice video !? A like gohan please because he's my son !? I trained him well !?

EfrainPower32 says:

En ese momento , Cell sintió el verdadero terror

choomber says:

4:07 en ese momento cell sintio el verdadero temor :v

Exe Rueda says:

La transformación fue mejor en el Maga…se siente la emocion

しまくん says:


Hugo Hernandez says:

Uffff en esa escena si se la Rifo él Toriyama con esas palabras tan sabias y la reacción de gohan

DoubleZ 79 says:

En ese momento… CELL sintió el verdadero terror

Lucas Cendra says:

Anime the bets

random pro :v says:

Porque no tienes más subs


Es Lo mismo pero más barato

KING LOL:v says:

Suscribete a mi chanel :'v

Gokuz 626 says:

Anime 😎😎

Daniel deus says:

En El 0:45 sale gohan

Daniel deus says:


Alternado Snap Back says:

2:43 oh cheat

Brian Alvarado says:

Una Obra de Arte.

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