How Avengers Infinity War Should Have Ended – Animated Parody

How Avengers Infinity War Should Have Ended – Animated Parody

How Infinity War Should Have Ended
Sorry we couldn’t make the video longer.

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44 thoughts on “How Avengers Infinity War Should Have Ended – Animated Parody

Rach Jumper says:


Héctor Rodríguez Curbelo says:

HISHE has a time machine. Confirmed.
*Thor cutting Thanos arm.
*Baby Thanos
*New Gamora
*Ironman calling dibs on Thanos glove (kind of happened 🙂 )

Well done guys. Well done.
*Thanos turning to dust

Olaya Liranzo says:

1:39 You can see a body fall from the sky and I’m pretty sure that’s thanos

glarf says:

8:42 endgame spoiler

DrumRoody says:

Why were the murcocls attacking wakanda?

PROstaka BG says:

Endgame spoiler

Joselyn Picones says:

Why is it sending to Deadpool 9:56

DR. Sensei says:

Well iron man did get the gauntlet but now hes gone


Anyone else thinks the wakandan vision design should be a thing.

Cat Addict says:

I’m I the only person who heard Gollum but didn’t see him???

darkplaceguy says:

Where's the sequel!!???

Onionhorse says:

Rocket to Thor: "What did you just do?"
Dude, you even predicted the freaking dialogue

Jarrell King says:

The last peice where palpatine contacts deadpool is the prequel to the Deadpool kills the marvel universe series

Kiryu Type3 says:

Batman: I guess I win now. Because I’m Batman.
Steve: I am Steve Rodgers.
Batman: dang it!

selesmir conclave says:

"Oh mah gosh Thanos! The sister has escaped"

"Come one you guys! This does not put a smile to my face"

Abi t says:

There is gamora

m a d e l y n s w o r l d says:

Endgame spoiler:

You just predicted endgame

Thewinner19gamez says:

I just noticed that peter Parker ( spider man ) has drinking coke instead of beer bec hes to young. Love the details

Ryan Kazookie says:

Did anyone notice Thanos falling down at 1:38
(He’s in the background)

Tythos Delta says:

“Thank you vibranium”
Anyone else catch that?

the parody channel says:

1:39 look at the sky!!!!

ashley moreno says:

Did anyone see him in the back flying

I’m Anonymous says:

What stone did thanos need at the start of the vid? Cause he got the soul stone on knowhere, the time stone on titan, and the mind stone in wakanda

Jose Cruz says:


Tsunami Games says:

Next movie is DEADPOOL kills the marvel universe

Matt Oberst says:

You know what Iron Man should of done, He should of say Tank Missle!

Two Forks says:

Yes! Wong!

Joey Robinson says:

Hishe guesses endgame ending lol

Matheus Marques says:

Obrigado pela legenda em português!! ; )

Mateja Radic says:

But if Nebula had the all stones she would have burned her arm like Hulk and Ironman did

SciBlast Official says:

Endgame Predictions:

Thanos's hand gets cut off by Thor (during the beginning)
The idea of killing Thanos as a baby (appears during the time travel discussion)
Tony Stark having a kid (Morgan)
Thor as ruler of New Asgard
Gamora returns from the dead (or rather, 2014 Gamora, due to time travel)
"Everyone's here!" (even more than depicted here)
Thanos gets dusted away

TigerGhoul Animations says:

But how does the infinity gauntlet has the mind stone if vision is alive in the end of the video

Daniel plays daniel default says:

Lol palpatine died and best intro

Daniel plays daniel default says:

1:11 lol xddd

Fayçal. EXE says:

That’s should be 6 end

Tyler Palazzo says:

"Your sister will pay for this"

Honestly, I didn't even need the rest of the video lol

agent K. says:

I love how Spider- man drinking coke instead of beer xD

Luke Derkovitz says:

This is what I thought gamohas sister could of killed or knocked out peater quill

Shane Castleberry says:

HISHE predicted the ending of endgame

Cameron glazier says:

Spoilers for end game lol

Brenda Melgarejo says:

Can you make a video of iron man taking care of baby thanos called taking care of baby thanos?

FyreForce 1600 says:

drak finally found out why gamora is.

ameenulla sharieff says:

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂……. it has to be ended like this..

Renny Moreno says:

Wait thanos blood is purple not red illuminatii confirmed

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