How Bad is: Captain Marvel

How Bad is: Captain Marvel

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23 thoughts on “How Bad is: Captain Marvel

Rhys Allen says:

The action and characters were bland in caaptian marvel/femnazi. The character development is very little the cat has more development than Brie Larson. Captain marvel is shoe horned for either extra cash or for political correctness points. Also why not a Adam warlock movie marvel hmm the guy that was teased at the end of guardians of the galaxy 2 oh wait Adam would have to be a male a no no in libtard books

Steven Mathews says:

"I don't think it was a girl's movie" "I almost cried twice"


Laura E says:

I liked it a lot. On par with Captain America before Civil War really.

Steven Mathews says:

Alita: Battle Angel
visually cool, fun,

Alita was a bit of a lovable non-NPC
her boyfriend grew (thanks to love). Came to see a bigger picture than money, want to expand.

…not so much for Alita
emotional / moral (if ignorant ~ish) Mary-Sue
Physically went from OP to F'offOP

men in movies / stories get to overcome their flaws / inconsistencies / bad tendencies / whatever to win the day
i.e bravery
women have to be amazing from the outset, and never grow. Nothing to overcome. No reason to be better….
…they're already "better"

I couldn't think of a more surreptitious way to castigate women

something you tell to someone who you have zero faith in ever being able to compete in any way
"you're amazing, just the way you are. You should never change, 'cause you're beautiful"

Bret Beckman says:

Had to stop the video halfway through. That "Disney censor" was funny the first couple times but then it was just obnoxious

Madrums 007 says:

shazam is at its best an OK movie

thatHARVguy says:

The moment she flew wasn't earned.

Five minutes earlier they established her unrestricted photon blasts have a kinetic element, moving her back as she pew pew'd. She could of tried to slow her fall with the blasts and used them as proportion to fly.

everyone says:

Fucking stop messing with my device, Disney!!!

everyone says:

I laughed when the ad cut off your lovely wife too. 😂😂😂

Nytephyre says:

June has terrible taste in movies.

Xeraser says:

Is.. Is June trolling us or something ?

Xeraser says:

Was he talking about the clone wars ?

DanFire Flare says:


Hayabusa says:

Why does June look like Ellen Page but if she was hot

Josh Eroh says:

You should review Turkish Star Wars

Edmund of the East Angles says:

“Some neckbeards…” ?

Andrew patrickm4 says:

Olivia Wilde should've been Captain Marvel.

ParticleAnnihilator says:

Greg: "So thats.. says alot about what you did marvel. Fix my boy shit, I want boys!"
June: "This is gonna have so much out of context shit for people."

Me: "Damn right" 19:51

David Starnes says:

ok…i watched just one video of these guys…good…entertaining…but now its all over my feed so I got to get this out and over with…Everytime a vid pops up and theres this woman…idk who she is…maybe theyre dating…maybe related…idk…w/e but SHE is ABSOLUTE GORGEOUS! like ridiculous pretty…dont care if everyone doeant think so and thing is i dont even get into a ton of ladies (i did but thats another story and Im trying real hard to be a better man) but this woman is just wow. done.

Dimitris Pavlou says:

First things first Marxism has nothing to do with that crap.Marketing from a multibillion dollar company like Disney could never support Marxism.But i started to believe that there is a new company policy.For the past ten years every movie with a huge production is "never bad.People don't like it because of political reasons."Like if you cherry picking in every movie for the past 20 years there is girl power and diversity.How much a coincidence is that it is a huge every time a movie is a piece of crap.

Danijel Android says:

If she forces you to watch Captain Marvel, you should really divorce her.

Danijel Android says:

I made a guess that the cat would be Skrull.

Steve Bottoms says:

Your "microwave" warning got old at 4:00… Stopped watching shortly thereafter.

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